Wednesday, 26 May 2010

At my house, on my desk

I have been spending a little more time with my Mum. She has lavendar growing in her garden and all along her drive. It is profuse. I love lavender, and always have.

I have asked lovely husband to plant me some lavendar bushes in our front and back garden. And he has.

But I need to remember to water the fragile little seedlings.

So I cut a load of lavender from my Mum's driveway, and have this on my desk as a beautiful reminder to get off the computer and go and water my plants!

What is going on at your house this week?


  1. Very good idea to have a reminder (well that's me speaking from experience - I have a bad record!). Beautiful reminder. I hope your seedlings grow well.

    Thanks for joining in again this week. Hope it's a good one. Lou.

  2. The lavender looks so pretty on your desk! What a sweet reminder!
    I was in a store today contemplating purchasing some pretty flowers to plant in our garden, when my son reasonably reminded me, "Mom, that might be a bit of a waste, actually, because your flowers always die."

  3. Oh, lavender. How I love thee!

    Lavender actually reminds me of the first apartment Hubby and I rented when we moved to Sydney. There was a lavender bush growing outside, and I used to cut it freshly all the time to put in the house.

    I also always keep a spray bottle of water with lavender mixed in so I can spray it in the bathoom, and in the rooms before guests come. Gives it a fresh smell, and the boys even like it!

  4. Oh Jodie, you and I both with the lavender spray bottle...same. I also spray it aroudn the kids bedrooms before bedtime too.....and put a drop or two in the mixture when we make playdough.....

  5. How lovely! I have the same problem when it comes to remembering to water plants :-(

  6. I love lavender. Ours always dies here, whenever we get even a tiny bit of frost :(

  7. beautiful!! and great reminder too.. : )


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