Friday, 28 May 2010

20:20:20 Weigh In

It's Thursday again......weigh in time again.

No fancy scales for me this week.

And for some reason I was not looking forward to weighing in.

I have tracked all my food and so I know I have eaten within my calories. But I also know I have eaten over on my carbs and I have not eaten enough protein. I don't really have an excuse even, apart from it is cold? (That is so lame. Sorry.)

But I have exericsed like a demon.

So it was with a little tredidation that I stepped on the scales..........and can I even admit that I nearly didn't bother? But I did, becasue I have promised I would. See? This blog makes me feel like I must! Accountable and all that........

So here it is:

 Only 0.2kg lost.

(If I hadn't have trimmed my toenails, I may not have lost anything?!)

Fark, this is a frustrating game.

I can see my colarbones are more defined and I feel like I have less of a waist: maybe I need to get the tape measure out? (Clutching at staws here!)

All I can do, I guess, is continue to track, continue to jog and blog, continue to drink more water? Trust in the process? Trust my body will respond eventually?

So, I lost 3kg in a month.

Better than stacking it on, I guess?

Arggghhhhhhh, I am still frustrated though!

But hey, it's Friday, it's all good........



  1. Get the tape measure out. Forget the scales. Get out that measure ... the scales lie ...

  2. Definitely get the tape measure out babe! I'm with you on the carbs and protein bit...I was planning a treat tonight of hot chips but think I'll go with an egg white omelette instead!

  3. Tape measure!

    I have no idea how much you weigh or how much you lost because I'm an ignorant American that will now go Google that so she can feel good about herself.

  4. Yes, get out the tape measure!
    I am currently having a falling out with my scale, I don't believe it's being fair...well, actually I think it has caught me out sneaking a few treats...

  5. Tape Measure! Tape Measure! Tape Measure!

    Really, it's the only way to go when the scale frustrates!

  6. Aha! So you are the famous Lucy?! You're name has been popping up everywhere... Well, pleased to "meet" you!
    I also vote for the tape measure...It's a much more accurate indicator, since muscle mass weighs more than fat, so the scales do not always know best!

  7. Definitely get that measure out, all that exercising, blimey I bet you are losing inches!

    And a loss is a LOSS! You are doing so fabulously - keep it up :)

  8. I agree with Langdowns dear Lucy. Don't be so hard on yourself with the scales.

    Case in point: In the months leading up to my wedding I was working out at the gym like an absolute DEMON (sometimes 2-3hrs a day!)and 'trying' to eat well too, and my goal was to finally get down into the 70s. But I just couldn't get below about 84kg. And I was devastated. I remember a few weeks before the wedding, crying to an insructor at the gym, about the fact that my wedding was looming and I needed to get this weight off.

    Anyhows, now I look back at my wedding photos and can't believe how much smaller I look than now, and how great I looked. I couldn't see it at the time, but clearly the scales were not reflecting how healthy and slim that I was getting (people told me, but I did not believe them).

    Another long comment. LOL. But I thought it might give you hope. Now, if I can just get back to looking as fit and healthy as I did at my wedding!

  9. Hey, a more defined collar bone is pretty damn awesome!

  10. I had to use a kilogram to pound converter thingy and hey - you're doing good! Definitely get out the tape measure - you probably did lose inches too. Don't get discouraged, you're an inspiration!

  11. I am addicting to the scale, and it really hits me when I don't see a loss. I try to judge by the way my clothes fit, but I've lost over 15 so far and my clothes seem to still fit the same. One of the tragedies of being so tall!

    Keep at it! A loss is a loss, no matter how small!


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