Thursday, 20 May 2010

20:20:20 Weigh In

I weighed in.

And I stayed the same.


Whilst I am disappointed, I am kind of redeemed in that my overall stats moved in the right direction.

Let me explain, before I come out sounding like  I am doing an bullshit excuse justify!

I have access, via BetterBods, to some fancy dancy scales, that measure not only your weight, but also your muscle, body fat and water percentages.

I'll be honest, I do not really get how a pair of scales can do that, but I am happy to trust in the process.

So, here is how I compare, week on week:

See how the fat has reduced and the water and muscle has increased? THAT is GOOD.

So I am a bit pissed off that I didn't lose more weight. But I am happy with those figures.

I kind of have a feeling that when I weigh in NEXT, I will reap the benefit and get a good win. I hope.

In between times, I will be tracking religiously through Calorie King,and highlighting any emotional eating patterns. I want to eat ONLY due to physical hunger, never emotional hunger.

I am also committed to buying only food that is supportive. If it is not conducive to a low GI diet, then it is not going in the trolley.

I am also committed to eating at 5.30pm with the kids and not snacking in the evenings and I will be GOING TO BED EARLIER! (Less blogging & twittering in the early hours for me.)

So there we are, till next weigh in...........


  1. Coolorama! It's nice to see when you STS that something in your body has changed.. I hear a lot of people whose measurements went down a lot even though they Stayed The Same....

    It's all going the right way... and you have a lot less to lose than 'some of us' lol so your bod's probably gearing up for a big loss next time who knows?


    Gail xxx

  2. Bugger! Weightloss such an imprecise science!!
    I have WI tomorrow and will be ecstatic if I STS. The food in this house I'm staying in is high in fats = cheese on everything. Trying to have small portions, and hating eating any of it. Will go home late on Friday night and get my body sorted for the following week.

  3. You're still the amazing shrinking woman to me!!

  4. Argh. I can only imagine how frustrating that must be.

    Early nights are good for the soul!!

  5. It's so hard to get to bed early, isn't it? I wake up in the morning sometimes feeling so tired that I vow to go to bed earlier that night . . . and then . . . it doesn't happen. Something inevitably gets in the way.

    I've been doing the early dining with the girls, and it has made a big difference for me. Paul and I NEVER used to eat before 8:00, so it was a big transition for me. I just decided family meals were/are too important. And now that we've been doing it for awhile, eating late doesn't sit well with me. I go to bed feeling fairly gross, actually.

    I like your plans!

  6. You are awesome. Don't get discouraged. I bet you are right and the numbers will show it next week. I want to buy a book I just heard about it that sounds wonderful - Women, Food, and God. I wonder if you would be interested in it too. There was an excerpt from it in a past Oprah magazine.

  7. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!!!! Well done Lucy. That is great stuff.

    And something I learned through doing boot camp - it's all in the body measurements not in the weight you see on the scale (because muscle weighs more and weight shifts to make for a new body shape). So take your calf, thigh, hip, stomach, chest and upper arm measurements and document them and watch them change. For me (for example) I lost masses of centimetres off my hips, bust and stomach, but grew cms on my calves, thighs and arms as I grew muscle. All in all by the end of my boot camp experience (once we did the pluses and minuses and worked it all out) I have lost around 40+ cms from all over my body! The scales though, in all that time, only moved by 6kgs. I like the 40cms result heaps better!

  8. Any week that I don't show a gain I mark off as a good week in my book! I do agree that the body measurements are well worth taking if you don't already. Even the littlest decrease there can often even make a gain not seem so horrible!

  9. I think we all know how you feel! It is super frustrating when the scale just won't budge! At least you didn't gain!

    Thanks for doing this bloghop! I'm excited to be on board. :)

  10. I have been in the same boat. Working my butt off and the scale not moving like I want it to. I also have access to a scale that measures your BCA so I did that on friday and I had lost fat and gained lean muscle.
    So Congrats to you on changing your body!


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