Thursday, 22 April 2010

Small actions, by lots of people, means big change...

It is ANZAC Day this Sunday.

It is a long weekend, of rememberence, and biscuits.

My Grandpa Len was a Lieutenant in the Australian Navy during World War II. He was captured as prisoner of war and held in Japan. He eventually returned home to Adelaide and fought from within himself to save his mental health, for the sake of his wife and four small children. He ended up contributing to family and to civil life in so many incredible and positive ways. I am proud to be his grand-daughter, not just because of his war efforts.

So around ANZAC day, I remember him even more than usual.

I do also, of course, also bake biscuits.

The Anzac Biscuit recipe that I favor this year is one that I found in this book:

This book is cool. It is a part of the We Are What We Do organisation - and the concept that small actions, by lots of people, means big change.

Kind of like the ANZACS really.

The sentiment and action behind the recipe is:

Bake something for a friend: Cook up a great relationship.

Enjoy, from me to you. A virtual basket of biccies.

Tell me, share with me what ANZAC Day means for you?


  1. You must be so proud of your Grandpa!

    And I am going to try making thos biscuits, I think they would be a real treat.


  2. What a nice way to honor such an important influence in your life. Well done!

  3. Your grandfather sounds great. :)

  4. Lovely! I love ANZAC day, we normally do the dawn service at Martin Place in Sydney. Probably not this year with the two kidlets though.

  5. Well considering you just read my blog, you totally understand what it means to me. It obviously means the same thing to you. A day to remember my Granddad - a man who fought and lived to never tell the tale.

  6. That was lovely Lucy. Last week was my Grandpa's funeral, & though I hate to speak ill of the dead, we weren't particularly close or affectionate. At the funeral there were 2 RSL reps to speak & as soon as they played 'The Last Post' bugle call I was a mess.
    Whenever I hear it it always hits home to me how much has been sacrificed for the life we lead & how frivilous our lives can be in comparison, & of my other grandpa passed.
    I will try to remember my Grandpa fondly for this reason above all else as he made a huge contribution & sacrifice that should be honoured.
    Of course, I did feel tremendously guilty that all my relatives assumed I was very close to my grandpa because of the huge amount of sobbing I was doing!
    Lest We Forget.


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