Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Secret To Weight Loss ? Pick a plan and stick to it.......

The Secret To Weight Loss ? Pick a plan and stick to it.......

OK, so if you believe you can lose weight and get fit, and if you have decided that you are committed to losing weight (and not just interested) what next?

You need to eat less. And to do that, you need a plan.

A food plan.

Because, lets face it, whether you are "dieting" or "choosing slimness" or "releasing body clutter" or whatever you wanna call it, food is gonna be an issue that you'll need to address. You will need to EAT LESS than you are eating now, in terms of calories.

There are literally thousands and thousands of diet plans out there.

I wouldn't want endorse one food plan over another.

All diets work.

Yep, you read that right.

Contary to current popular & trendy thought at the moment which shouts "Stop dieting and lose weight" and "diets do not work", I am absolutely a firm believer that all diets work.


There is the cruicial bit. You must follow a plan. And stick to it. And as long as you continue to eat according to the plan, you WILL lose weight.

(It is the "sticking to it" bit that most people fall down on.)

Pick a diet plan.

Any diet plan.

Weight Watchers is brilliant
Shakes of any brand are good if you want to kick start and a prescriptive approach
Low GI is very good
Atkins works as long as you can stick to it. I am not a fan myself, but it sure works IF you can stick with it.

Can you see what I am getting at here?

Any diet plan is only any good if you can STICK TO IT

Not just for a week or a month. If you are serious about losing weight and gaining fitness and keeping the weight off and maintaining health, then whichever plan you pick needs to be one you can stick with to lose weight, and then adapt to maintain your weight once you get to your goal weight.

If you read back over my blog right back to the beginning, you'll know I started on a shakes based diet.

This worked, for me.

It worked because it was strict, and minimised it choice, which is what I needed at the time.

It worked because I was committed

It worked because I believed.

It worked because I stuck to it.

I did shakes for 5 months. And lost loads of weight.

I then embarked on addressing my overall fitness, in a group personal training environment, and the trainer, with all her expertise, suggested "real food" and exercise.

This has worked for me ever since.

If I am aiming to lose weight, I eat 1200 calories per day. (If I am just making sure I maintain, I go for 2000 calories per day.)

I track this through Calorie King

Every day.

Tracking food is VITAL, I reckon.

It feels dumb and laborious.

But it keeps you focused. It keeps you in the present. It keeps you caring.

Tracking your food intake makes you accountable. It makes you realise how "costly" some foods are.

Tracking  your food means you are more likely to STICK TO YOUR PLAN

Tracking means that, regardless of which diet or food plan you pick, that you will be EATING LESS.

And you will lose weight.

Simple, hey..............................


  1. I'm doing Slimming World and I totally agree. For the first week I couldn't shake off the Weight Watchers point system so kept incorporating it in - I lost but not as much as I thought I would. The following week I mentally binned WW and lost 5lb. You have to choose the one plan, the right plan for you which I believe I am on now.

    Great advice Lucy :) I love your food diary, better than my boring old list of what I've eaten ;)

  2. Great stuff. Actually great to see someone promote any diet, rather than what ever they are one. I notice when someone "loves" a diet, that they often promote it to the negative of others and often with incorrect information.

    I for one have done Atkins very successfully in the past and yes, you are right, it can be a hard one to stick to. Well, not really stick to, but once off, it is hard to get back on. Unfortunately it is one of the ones that gets the most incorrect info spread around about it and that in its own way makes it hard to stick to. Hard enough to stick to any diet, but load the diet with a stigma as such and it can become quite a drain.

    It would be wonderful if we could all support each other in weight loss regardless of diet. It is something that I need to do myself, as I know I can be a bit nasty about shake diets at time.

  3. Astrid, was it yo once said shakes were "shit in a sachet"?! LOL!

    They are not everyones cup of tea. I actually really like the "zero choice" apporach that comes with shakes, but they only work if you can con yourself that you are content with gruel fuel instead of real food. Plus, of course, you need to manage expectations too......they only work if you stick to it. And then really work hard at a proper maintanence plan once you stop having shakes.

  4. Carmen, my sister in law is in the UK and she has mentioned Slimming World.......off to Google now!

  5. LOL Lucy - yes it was me. I am still not fond of them, but I do understand why people use them and have contemplated using them myself.

  6. Such good advice, just what I needed to hear today, thank you.

  7. That is so, so true. We tend to think things don't work, but it's easy to give up early. This is a great reminder to keep up the healthy lifestyle, thanks! :)

  8. I'm doing an organic, whole foods plan now (no sugars, very low carbohydrates, mostly fresh vegetables and protein shakes). It's primarily to help my migraines but is working to help me lose weight and is having other positive effects on my health as well. Stumbled. :-)
    - Kristin

  9. Thank you Kristin. Your plan sounds very similar to how I operate when I am in weight loss (as opposed to maintenance mode). Do you find it has a positive effect on your moods and general sense of well being?

  10. You are so right about this. Of course diets don't work... if we don't stick to them!

    The best way to keep my weight under control, is to cut out eating after 6pm. No matter what. I don't always do it, but when I do, I lose the weight. Also, I just decided to let go of Diet Coke, so I'll see how it goes. I'm trying out the no caffeine/no carbonation approach!

    Thanks for the reminder! You are a smart girl.

  11. Heather, that is interesting about not eating after 6pm. Lovely husband is currently away interstate, so I am eating with the kids a lot earlier (around 5pm instead of 8.30pm), and it is really noticable how less bloated I feel. I might even have a weigh in next week!

    And let me know how you go without the Diet Coke......that stuff sends my carb cravings into overdrive, so I avoid it......but a good cup of proper coffee is just......well....delicious. xx

  12. Great advice Lucy, you totally nailed it. Sadly. that's my downfall.I go hard out for 10 weeks or so & lose weight & get fit & healthy & nearing goal weight then think, hey, I'm doing good, I can afford to eat just a chocolate bar, or 2, or 3 & it all snowballs downhill from there.
    Can you do a post on how to stay motivated once you start nearing goal weight, or any tips on how to beat hurdles like this? Thanks swami!

  13. Watch this space babe.

  14. What type of shake diets do you mean? Like slim fast?

  15. keepcatebusy (Cate)January 07, 2011

    Really interesting post. Lots for everyone to think about as they try to figure out the best way to achienve their new years goals :-)
    have a great weekend

  16. I need to do this, I have never really had weight problems before, could do a three day diet and be back where I wanted. That doesn't work any more.

    Thanks for the reminder that I need to be truthful with what I put in my mouth.

  17. Tenille @ Help!MumJanuary 08, 2011

    That's the thing I've always struggled with; commitment. My resolve falters too easily and the "Ugh, I don't care" comes to easily when tempted. Excellent post Lucy, thanks for sharing.

  18. I have bookmarked this post, Lucy. x

  19. life in a pink fibroJanuary 08, 2011

    The simplest advice is so often the best. You're right about tracking and you're right about sticking to it. Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro!

  20. Great article!Love this post.God bless you.Amen
    Let lose weight now.Avoid obesity


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