Friday, 30 April 2010

Nice things I like.........

I treated myself and my three littlies to some lovely things recently, which arrived in the post today.

Tell me that you do not love these face washers?

And as you may recall, I have a bit of an apron fetish: below are TWO standard cooking apron, and one peg apron. AND a matching notebook cover.


I am so so tempted to go back and get more of these beautiful things.

All from the same clever lady: Anita at Winnie & Clem, who has a shop on MadeIt

Tell me about some nice things that you like?


  1. You have some of the prettiest things ever. I think I may get some some facecloths too. Have a great weekend xo

  2. Oooo you truly do have a penchant for aprons! Can't wait until you there are Bibbles aprons for you to drool over!
    PS. I am a little confused about your weightloss ticker - you look amazing in your profile pic (?)

  3. Emma, thank you. My original weight was over 120kg. I am now at about 85kg. So I still have a way to go. 20kg down would take me to 65kg which would be ideal.

    My profile pic.....hahahhah..the one on the left?

    The one on the right is me right now.

  4. You are motivating me! Keep up the great work.... I'll join you soon. Come to think of it, it would be a lot easier to do it where you live vs. where I life. Good, now I have something to blame it on. LOL

  5. I love those face washers :) . The first thing I ever sewed was an apron and then I made the kids some (mind you I never wear it *blush*) . Thankyou for your Enid blyton comment :) I am amazed at how much my kids love the wishing chair and how engaged they become while I'm reading to them :) it's wonderful isn't it? :)

  6. Good for you honey! You deserve it! Well, I just got my eyelash extensions done for FREE for my blog and I am madly in love so that is something that is materialistic that I LOVE

  7. I absolutely adore aprons, too. And my mother was kind enough to buy matching, vintage-esque ones for my daughter and me. It has been a few months, but I think they still have them at Anthropologie.

    Right now, I am also loving the organic cranberry green tea from Trader Joe's. It makes me *almost* not miss my coffee! ;-)

  8. I have a love affair with aprons too. I have a couple of them that I got from an antique store that I really use.

    You made great choices. I am on a quest today to become a follower to new and exciting blogs, and I am going to follow yours.

  9. Oh my, all of these loely apron adorers.......I am evidently not alone!

    Kimblerly: welcome, and warch this space for more apron love!

    Beetnik Mama.....I just saw your FILF Friday: I love it!

  10. Can you believe I don't own an apron? I am thinking I should perhaps invest ...

    Love the purchases.

    Also love your inspiration self ....


  11. Oh lovely Leanne. You NEED to invest. I will post later as to why........xx

  12. My grandma left me two jars. A sugar and baking powder (ha ha) jar from Italy. I have a thing for jars. :)

    Polka dots. Yellow and red ones.

  13. I do love that apron, I have two hand-me-down ones that I don't wear, and I'm sure that is just because they are not as pretty as yours! Maybe I should put my order in for Mother's Day!?!

  14. Oh cute as!!!!
    Hmmmm, I am a sucker for woolly knitted scraves & beanies in winter, they are just so cosy!
    My biggie is teapot & cup sets, Marty has to physically restrain me in one particular shop, like I need any more clutter on my shelves!!!!!


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