Friday, 2 April 2010

Memories of another Good Friday.......

When I was a little girl, Good Friday was the ONLY day on which we ate Hot Cross Buns.

It was a very big treaty thing in our household, to have something different for breakfast.

We lived in a village by the sea in West Sussex, on the South Coast of England, called Elmer Sands. I cannot recall if Elmer had any shops....I know we piled into my Mother's old banger to get to school and to go shopping. To a neighbouring village called Felpham.

It was Easter time....the school holidays were upon us. Spring, most definately, had not sprung, that Easter in 1975.

Winter was late in leaving that year. So late, in fact, that it was snowing.

On the south coast of England, in the heart of Blake's green and pleasant land, it was snowing in April.

But it was Maundy Thursday, and we needed Hot Cross Buns!

So my Mother, me, my baby brother, and my oldest brother all piled into the car. From memory it was an old Morris 1100, although I may be wrong. (My father was a motor enthusiast with five children and expensive school Mum's cars varied from cheap wreck to wreck.)

Off we went, mittened up.

My elder brother would have done the dash and run in the snow to the bakery. A brown paper bag containing more than a bakers dozen of warm hot cross buns were with us, steaming up the car.

And for home we set.

And got stuck in a drift. A deep snow drift.

Very stuck.

So stuck that no one could get us out for hours.

Obviously, 1975 was not within the era of mobile phones. I am not even sure if the village contained a public telephone box to 'phone my father.

But we were on the main road, we would just while away the hours playing eye spy, waiting for him to pass us as he drove home from his office in Chichester.

And when we got hungry, my brother would rip open that bag of hot cross buns again, and we would nibble on them in the fug of that car.

We nibbled so much, all four of us, on those delicious hot cross buns, that we had to bundle out of the car again, to get MORE from the bakery. And it wasn't even Good Friday!

Maybe that is why I have just fallen for tempatation and put a dozen into our oven here to warm.

34 tears later, I am reminissing over too many hot cross buns with......too many hot cross buns.

Happy Easter............


  1. What a lovely story. And what a different Easter you have now.

  2. Mmm hot cross buns... time for brekky now I think! xo

  3. Beautiful story Lucy. and wow, do you look like your daughter!!

    I have grabbed your button for my blog. now, excuse moi for being naive, but is it supposed to connect to you, not your blog designers...?

  4. Oh Lori, you're a godsend for picking that up. I have fixed the code up now. Should be good. Thank you! xx

  5. Thanks for sharing this story with us, having only ever lived in the land of HOT I can't imagine being stuck in a snow drift. We only eat Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday too, even now. Although my eldest daughter loves them so much she now eats them from the time they are available in the shops. Happy Easter

  6. what a gorgeous memory

  7. Life In A Pink FibroApril 21, 2011

    You were just TOO cute! We have hot cross buns only over Easter, starting on Friday and being sick of them by Monday. :-)

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.

  8. KelloggsvilleApril 22, 2011

    Here on th erewind.  Lovely post x

  9. therhythmmethodApril 22, 2011

    This is such a lovely, warm memory. We've been eating buns this week. We buy them from John the Baker, who also made our wedding cake 6 and a bit years ago. He makes them with apricot jam in the glaze, and they have the most amazing spice mix. But come Monday, i won't want to see another one for at least a year.
    Happy Easter Lucy x

  10. keepcatebusy (Cate)April 23, 2011

    Brrrrr! So glad the sun is shining today! (and we're saving our hot cross buns for easter breakfast...yummo - can't wait!

  11. Annie ReussApril 24, 2011

    Oh my, everywhere I turn lately there are hot cross buns.  The next time you see me Lucy, i will be the size of a house! Truly. 

  12. Having never eaten a hot cross bun, nor really considered them even though I do remember the nursery rhyme, I loved this! And that picture has my mouth watering!


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