Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Hi, it's Just Me coming for a visit!

Hi everyone, I'm Sarah from over at Just Me

Now Lucy has asked me to guest post a recipe for all of her lovely followers today.

Something healthy. To be exact she asked for "The one that you make when you are feeling all virtuous about being healthy?". My biggest problem with this challenge is that I don't really have a virtuously healthy recipe. Isn't that bad?!

Generally if I'm being virtuous, I'll have a piece of grilled chicken or some prawns & a big salad, but that's hardly exciting. So with that in mind I have picked out a salad recipe that my Godfather gave me, I have no idea where he got it from though. Plus sweet potato is my all time favourite vegetable, so win win!

Brown Rice & Roasted Sweet Potato Salad

1 cup of brown rice
1 cup of white rice
1.4kg sweet potato, peeled & cut into 2cm chunks
1 tbs olive oil
2 tsp ground cumin
1 tbs brown sugar
½ cup pine nuts
½ red onion, finely sliced
½ cup chopped coriander leaves

2 tbs balsamic vinegar
1 ½ tbs soy sauce
1tbs olive oil

  1. Cook rice until tender, set aside to cool.
  2. Preheat oven to 220 degrees.
  3. Combine sweet potato, oil, cumin & sugar. Toss well.
  4. Spread sweet potato on baking tray, spread pine nuts on a separate tray.
  5. Place both trays in the oven & bake until nuts are toasted.
  6. Remove nuts & bake potato for a further 20-25 minutes or until tender. Cool completely.
  7. Combine dressing ingredients in a jar & shake well. Season to taste.
  8. Combine rice, sweet potato, pine nuts, onion, coriander & dressing. Toss gently to combine.
  9. Can be served hot or cold.

You can just as easily make this with only brown rice, but I found it was more likely to be eaten with the combination of white & brown. I'd happily have just brown, but I have some fussy family members!


  1. Oooh, looks wonderful! I love brown rice and sweet potatoes and it's all ingredients my son can have too. Thanks!

  2. Yummmy!! I might even try this one Sares!


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