Friday, 30 April 2010


I know it is "boring" and I know "I just don't have the time to exercise."

Buts its not boring, and I really do have the time.

And I actually love love the exercise bit of this diet bizzo.

I cannot believe I just wrote that. But I promise, it is true.

Currently I walk every morning from 6am to 7am.

I cover a lot of kilometres.

I love love love walking.

I walk some of those mornings with my gorgeous friend Adele (Badele Madele)

Adele (Badele Madele) is currently 37 weeks pregnant. Everytime my phone beeps at me I realise I am expecting it to be the "In labor, on way to hossy" text from her.

Adele is fit. Despite pregnancy, she still walks at least 6km a day and works out on strength training.

She is a goddess.

But even she cannot keep up with what I need to do over the next few months.

SO, I need to be prepared to do a large chunk of my exercise alone.

So here is my new "move more" plan for winter, for doing it alone without Adele, to include strength training:

Monday 6am - 30 minute walk, with the dog,  followed by home strength workout
Tuesday - Intervals
Wednesday - 7.15pm - Half Marathon training (distance)
Thursday 6am - Intervals with my iPod followed by home strength workout
Friday - Fit Ball Core workout (at home, using Ball & Band DVD)
Saturday - Rest Day
Sunday - 1 hr walk with steep bits with my walking buddy Marisa

Home Strength Workout (I do this after a quick walk so that I am already warmed up)
Push ups - 3 sets of 12 reps
Squats with hand weights - 3 sets of 15 reps
Crunches - 3 sets of 20 reps
Lunges with hand weights - 3 sets of 15 reps

Fark. I sound like I know what I am doing.

Oh wait, I do know what I am doing.

Oh, so I had better just do it.


  1. I love to walk as well. Great plan, go for it!

  2. Love love walking too. Such a shame, I'm not doing as much lately.=(

    Happy FYBF, Lucy.X

  3. I love walking, and am pushing my Dad in his wheelchair nowadays so it's extra 'strength training' lol.

  4. Hi Lucy! For some reason I wasn't following you very closely in February and only just now caught up with all you guys went through with Charlie boy. How horrendous! Is everything ok now? Great work with the exercise and diet schedule. You inspire me! Keep going with your journey ... and I will keep going with mine.
    Best wishes
    Your blog buddy (I want to say "bluddy" but it just doesn't sound right ... how about bloguddy? Hmmm)

  5. Hey Leanne, Bloguddy is good, LOL. Charlie boy situation has been feckin awful, but we are now on the homeward stretch. Hence me having a few fragile moments last know how you can finally let go, only once things start to get better? He is now walking/hobbling by himself. A dramatic improvement to the flat on his back stage or the full body cast stage. Physio starts next week. I should probably do a proper update post!

  6. Wow, you are inspiring! I need some inspiration to exercise cause I really do hate it.

  7. Help, I need motivation! I need to do this too!!! Help me!

  8. Exercise has been a huge hurdle for me. I would love to get to the point where I say that I enjoy or look forward to it. That's more than half the battle, I'm sure!

  9. You go girl. Exercise kicks ass- I am an endorphin addict.

  10. You've inspired me, I think I will join you on the Saturday regime.
    Just kidding! You really have. I used to do a similar Home Strength Workout and I need to get back into. to do some push ups!

  11. Good on you! Interval training is awesome... great way to burn calories fast! And also a good way to build up to sustained exercise! Fark... I sound like I know what I'm talking about! haha

    I started exercising about 3 years ago and now it's just part of my everyday life... couldn't live without it! Great for the mind, body and spirit!

  12. I love walking too. All the best Lucy.

  13. Lucy,

    Dropping in from Brenda's... and thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving me a lovely comment. Yes, I too am a candy floss addict ;)

    Yeah to you for your ambitious exercise regime! I am on my knees worshipping your fine self. Funny enough: I am going to join the gym today. Really! As soon as the nanny gets here, I am off. The credit card is ready to wince.

    The best of luck to you; by this same time next year, may be both be healthier than we are now.

  14. No amazimg here, just that I am on a mission now: to raise the $$, to complete this 20:20:20, and to just finish off this weight loss performance.

    Karl....the intervals thing: has sent my firness levels through the roof in thepast, so I am with you there.

    WarsawMommy ......glad you are joining gym......I will do another diet/fitness blog link up/blog hop next Friday: I would love it it if you joined in.....

  15. Happy FYBF!

    We have no car so I walk everywhere (or catch the train) but it is over 1km to the station and so I cover quite a few kilos each week I imagine. Definitely not 6km a day but definitely that much on SOME days!

    Good luck with your routine over the next month. It is awe inspiring!

    Oh and your friend is amazing too- I was barely making it to the station and back (the supermarket is near the station so I have to walk that way to do the shopping) near the end of my pregnancy!

  16. Go for gold lucy! You inspire me to get my butt in gear!


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