Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Captain Starlight........I am doing a half marathon for charity........

If you read this post here you will see that I am going for a 20:20:20 challenge.

If you read these posts here and here, you will see that my son Charlie was recently hospitalised, and that one of the few bright spots of his long stay at the Woman and Children's hospital was indeed the very cool Captain Starlights.

So, I am going to add to my 20:20:20 challenge by trying to raise $500 for the Starlight Children's Foundation.

Each year there are over 600,000 child admissions made to hospitals across Australia. Today, Starlight can only reach ‘1 in 3’ of these children. Their ultimate goal is to enable each and every child to have access to Starlight programs.

$500 gets Captain Starlight out to visit about 60 kids. I am trying to do my bit by raising $500, by completing the McLaren Vale Half Marathon on October 10th.

So, if you would like to help me by donating, please, I would love it if you could.

Thank you!


  1. Oh Lucy so much awesomeness I can hardly stand it!! I used to be a Captain Starlight. And believe me when I say you are fundraising for an amazingly good cause, and helping to keep the Captains afloat, so to speak- they are in dire need and they are people who are truly passionate about what they do. Bless you.

  2. Oh, and can I get your fundraising button doovie for my blog?

  3. What a great thing you are doing. you are awesome! :)

    - Lisa

  4. YAY LUCY!!! I love half-marathons. I do a few every year, and they are so rewarding! You better post pictures, and tell us all about it.

    Good luck on your training!

  5. That is great. Good for you. I hope you earn even more.

  6. Oh excellent!!
    You're my donation for my Year of Giving blog next week! :)

  7. Oh Thea, thank you! xx

  8. This is just gorgeous! You are a true supermum! I pledge to sponsor you as soon as I do the finances for the week! If I haven't done it by Wednesday, don't be shy, remind me, ok?!

  9. Here it is!

    Good luck, Lucy! xx


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