Monday, 26 April 2010

At My House - De-cluttering....

I am playing At My House again, thanks to Buttons by Lou Lou

I posted earlier about how fragile I am feeling, and how I have a need to declutter my mind and my body.

And what better way to start that process by some actual de-cluttering.

When I need to feel in control, I clean. I organise my space. And then I clean some more.

So whilst lovely husband entertained various children, I de-cluttered our upstairs retreat.

It is a gorgeous big room, which I work in a lot.

But it accumlates a lot of crap.

But it is done. All squeaky clean and lovely, and organised. I shifted furniture, and got rid of three bags of junk.

It is now the haven that I need it to be.

And I feel a bit better. And that is good.

All this labour gave me the opportunity to chew over in my head what I need to do in order to take this diminishing lark to the next stage.

My weight loss ticker is back, up the top there.

I have reset some goals.

More on that tomorrow..........


  1. Nicely done Lucy. it always makes you feel better, doesn't it? Does me. I so need to do a big declutter at the moment, just too lazy *sigh*

  2. It looks terrific Lucy :) . Snap on the decluttering and snap on the posting at the same time ;) . Freaky stuff! :0

  3. I also find things to organize! Feels so good. I saw you already saw that I gave you the Life is Good award! Enjoy! :)

  4. Looks great Lucy. I love to accomplish something that is so obvious. A tidy space (clean is a bonus) always helps me feel much better.

    Thanks for joining in this week. Lou.

  5. Wow, you are something else! Where do you get all you energy and inspiration? I agree that clearing space (literally) can help with feeling fresh and on top of things mentally and emotionally. The two seem connected.

  6. Fantastic job!! looks so much better & I am glad you are feeling better now too :) I also have days like that where I start making piles for the local op shop! De-cluttering is good for the soul X

  7. We are so alike!! When I start feeling overwhelmed by everything, having a good tidy and clean-out really does make me feel more in control and ready to tackle the world! Good job!

  8. Good work. I really need to de-clutter too. I've been feeling claustrophobic because of the clutter that is accumulating in my life.

  9. That looks like a true haven. I'm a wee bit green-eyed!


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