Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Okay. Deep breath.

Here is my plan.


20 kilograms
20 weeks
20 kilometres

Between now and October

I am going for it.

Obviously, I am going to blog about it in here.

I will be posting once a week, probably on a Thursday, with weigh ins. (These will be in kilos, as well as muscle, hydration and body fat %). Maybe even photos.

My focus will be this:

  • Tracking all my intake in Calorie King (sticking to my plan)
  • Exercising 6 days a week. Without fail
  • 2 litres of water a day
  • Some form of non-food nurturing for myself every day
I will report back to you all on how I am tracking.

I would really like it if you were all in it with me,  to make me feel a little lot accountable?

Once I have done this, come the 10th October, I will do the half marathon down at the beautiful Maclaren Vale. For charity. So if anyone has a paricular charity they would like me to sponsor, please let me know?

And beyond October, when I achieve this, there will be a massive reward for myself................

If anyone wants to join me, and share a specific weight loss post once a week, with weights and progress, please let me know? (I am thinking a McLinky type of sharing?)

What do you think?


  1. That sounds like a terrific plan Lucy :) I'll be sitting on this end of the computer line cheering you on :)

  2. I think you can do it!

  3. I've already got my pom poms out Lucy and have created a cheer for you to encourage you along.

    This is Lucy
    She's worth plenty
    Let's cheer Lucy
    As she goes for Twenty

    We love Lucy
    She's true blue
    I'm with Lucy
    How about you?

    Gooooooooooooooo LUCY!!!!!

    Yeah, yeah, a bit lame ... but it's all I could manage in 30 seconds :)

  4. I'm in! I'll aim for 20 kg in 20 weeks with you. That would get me under 100kg for the first time in 25+ years! Right now I'm 120.5 but that will go under 120 this week when I weigh in (I hope!!)
    I'll report in on Fridays, except for this week when I have to weigh in tomorrow (Thursday).
    OK, I'll be back tomorrow. Woo hoo - this will be so good for us both!!!

  5. Deb, I am so glad......we can diminish together. xx

  6. Ok, I'm in too. I really need to lose this baby weight and twenty kilos would be absolutely perfect. Do we start tomorrow?

  7. Yep, I reckon. I will post tomorrow and add a McLinky thing at the botton.

  8. Of course you can do it! I have about 8-10 kilos I'd like to lose before my half marathon at the end of August so expect the occasional link up from me too!

  9. 6 days a week is tough to do, but it can be done. You can do it.

  10. A kilo a week! I have no idea about these things so assume that's safe and do-able and therefore consider myself part of your encouragement team. =)

  11. I think you can do it. Go Gal.

  12. I think it's a great idea - I'll be here to support and encourage you. I would participate but as I am on maintenance now with Weight Watchers and have lifetime membership I will being doing everything but the weight loss. You can safely loose between 1-2kg a week. Good luck Lucy and I will be with you.

  13. Lucy, what a great idea! I'm keen to join you on the 20 kilos in 20 weeks. I'm 112.5 now so that would take me to 92.5!! Woo hoo how exciting. As for a charity what about the children's hospital Charlie went to? xx

  14. Oh Luce - you are SO going to do this!!!!

  15. Andrea.....I am SO this with me......maybe before and after shots?

    Luce Luce.....thank you my sweet. xx

  16. Go Lucy Go!! Behind you all the way hunny. As for charities, the Starlight Foundation is a great one, very close to my heart as I used to work for them, pre-kidlets ;)

  17. Done! Strlight Children's Foundation fundraising page now created! Thanks guys......xx

  18. Wow, go Lucy! I'll tell you what, I'm working on losing some weight right now too. I want to lose about 20 pounds (what is that, 10 kilos?). Actually, just looked it up. 10 kilos = 22 pounds which is just about perfect for me. So I'll shoot for that goal by October, okay? I'm in like Flynn baby! Yay, go us!!!

  19. Do you really have 20kgs on you to lose?! From your pics you look FAB!
    Not that I'm trying to discourage you of course, I have COMPLETE FAITH that you can do this & I will be right there cheering you on.
    Ok Dar, if Lucy can do 20 it's time to kick that last 10, no excuses!


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