Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Unperfect Scrolls......

The gorgeous Lucy over at Unperfect Life posted a few weeks ago about this recipe here.

I have had it in my mind to try these for sometime, and the school sports day cake stall bloody bakeoff is still in progress, so I went to dig out lovely Lucy's recipe today.

(And imagine my sense of deja vu when I realise that she has posted about them again the comments......oh my.....some droolworthy variations!)

Anyway,  we made them today.

Some with mustard, ham and cheese, some with and mozzeralla and bacon. And some with apricot jam and chopped dried apricot.

They are mini versions ( I rolled the dough thinner) but they worked well. Rather than baking them in tin, I spaced them separately on a tray. And I burnt my gob on the apricot jam ones.

So thank you Lucy......the keen ladies of the East Marden fundraising committee will thank you too! xx


  1. Yum. Those apricot ones sound divine....

  2. Oh, they look so yummy. Bet they don't last long.

  3. Those look really good!

  4. Those rolls look fantastic!
    They would be perfect with cocktails too. Ooops, just typing my thoughts out loud..

  5. I thought you were the gorgeous Lucy!?!?!?!?!?

  6. I think I would love the ones with mustard, ham, and cheese.

  7. Rob, all Lucys are gorgeous.....every single one of us. Unperfect Lucy and Diminishing Lucy are just the two MOST gorgeous.


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