Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Wednesday Wonder.......

Never mind plain old 'wonder', I am in SHOCK, I tell you!

Utter gobsmacking disbelief type of shock!

In a  good way there such a think as happy shock, I wonder?

So, here's the deal:

Some months ago I was chatting to my lovely husband about.....eeeek......the possibility of my looking into an abdominoplasty. A friend of a friend who is a doctor had told me I was a "perfect candidate" for an abdominoplasty.

He was as keen as mustard, for me. As was my husband.

An abdominoplasty is generally administered to women who have loose tissues after pregnancy. It can also apply for both men and woman who have excess tummy skin after a weight loss program. An abdominoplasty is used to tighten the skin over the stomach. It is the only remedy to remove baggy skin. Baggy skin means the portion of the skin which loses its elasticity. No amount of exercise and nutrition can be used to remove the fat that lines the skin in the abdominal wall.

In our discussions, one of the things that I stated was that I would only consider getting this done as a "reward" for myself once I got to goal weight.

Anyway, it has been an idea that has been hovering around for a while, and today I had my initial "let me find out a little more about this" appointment with a recommended plastic surgeon. (Not a cosmetic surgeon, incidentially. I have picked and chosen a plastics surgeon who is, apparently, the tummy tuck expert.)

I should probably be really honest here and tell you that the main reason I made this appointment is because my lovely husband has reminded me about it enough times for it to be nearly a nag. My main reasons for all previous dragging my heels on this are two fold:

  • I am not at my goal weight yet
  • I am sure we cannot justify the costs involved
So I really went for the fact finding appointment so that I could come home and tell lovely husband:

 "The surgeon says I need to lose another 15kg and it is gonna be too expensive at $15,000"

SO, imagine my happy shock and wonder as I drive home with all these things in my head that the surgeon told me:

"Your abdominal muscles are in great shape for someone who has has three successive pregnancies." (That is when I fell a little bit in love with him.) (And thank you to Lynda who has driven me mad over the past two years with all the work we have done on our abdominals.)

"You have evidently come a long way on your fitness journey to have such a tight core" (And I can feel my heart go all a flutter at this one!)

"You have evidently chosen to lose weight in a sensible and long term fashion to have lost so much so consistently". (By this stage I was weak at the knees in swooning love.)

 I could go on, but I won't. Oh, go on then, maybe one more: the best one:

"You do realise that you have a very slim build?" (By this stage I nearly grabbed the surgeon and stuck my tongue down his throat. I resisted. Just.

(Now, I was reminded recently on Facebook that apparently all surgeons says all this type of stuff to "market" their services to us? Maybe. I am not so sure. And I actually don't care!)

And his cost? This is the best bit: instead of the $15,000 which I had anticipated, only $1000.

Yep, between Medicare and my health fund, the total cost, including a very attractive (not) post operative binding, is $1000. Far out. Quite managable, budget wise.

(I have to point out, that sadly I have a HUGE revolting sagging lose bit of stomach skin that hangs down. My trainer once shook her head in disbelief when I asked her how to tackle the problem, explaining this to me:

"Your age, all those pregnancies and your previous obesity render your skins elasticity pretty much useless. No amount of diet or exercise will shift that Lucy. Sorry"

It is vile & uncomfortable. So yes, I am vain, but it also is quite painful during & after running. Hence my consideration of major abdominal surgery. Eeeeek!)

So. A glass of wine and some discussions on this wonderful discovery tonight, with lovely husband, I think.


  1. That all sounds so positive. Good Luck!

  2. I need to get me one of those!

    I can't believe the cost! Go for it!

    Good luck with your weight loss journey! You have done great!


  3. Oh WOW Lucy. I mean, scary, but I suspect there would be more pros than cons in doing this. What a lot to take in!

  4. Wow, that's fantastic news! Good luck making your decision.

    PS - can you believe the word verification is "cometic". Okay, it's missing the S but maybe it's a sign!

  5. Wow, that's a big decision! Good luck!

  6. Go for it, I too have lots of loose skin from 4 babies and it is a PITA and I hate it. Once I have lost enough weight it is the first thing I am going to to. Well done Lucy.


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