Friday, 12 February 2010

To comfort and nurture

What is it with some comfort foods? They have the ability to sooth us for a little while, but then the guilt kicks in, and all of the nurturing focus is gone, replaced, for me at any rate, with a sad feeling of addiction.

So, in my constant search for things that will comfort me and nurture me that are NOT carb and fat laden guilt inducing piles of pale food, I am so glad I have been reminded of fresh herbs........

And the actual eating of this particular comfort food is kind of like the icing on the cake: the final stage of the comfort & nurture process. There is a whole load of comforting going on before that!

Let me explain:

My beautiful husband loves me enough to want to make me a herb garden

He encourages me to get the hell out of the house child-free to investigate and purchase herb seedlings

He gently coaxes it all to grow: his pottering is a peaceful thing to watch

The kids water these fledgeling comforters for me, with joy and importance

I feel a little bit of smug smuggedy smugness come upon me when I see the herbs bursting with lush life out of my kichen window

I can spend a happy few hours with my stash of cook books and favourite foodie sites planning herb infused meals for the self imposed gluts of greenery we create

It makes healthy food taste so good

So can you see why herbs are my true comfort food?

What is your favourite herb? Or indeed your favourite comfort food?

This was a Blog This challenge entry, and now it is a part of Life In A Pink Fibro's Weekend Rewind -


  1. Great challenge entry - well done!

  2. Good take the challenge - short and sweet! or should that be herby?

  3. So much healthier than my comfort food.

  4. Also much healthier than my comfort food! MUCH HEALTHIER! And that reminds me... I must water my little herb garden! Great entry!

  5. life in a pink fibroDecember 11, 2010

    Great post Lucy. I love herbs too. Unfortunately, so do the Fibrotown snails and, after the recent rains, they have decimated my supply. So I'll be needing another child-free visit to the nursery to get some more. Ah, now there's a comfort. Thanks for Rewinding today!

  6. Jodie at Mummy MayhemDecember 11, 2010

    I heart herbs. I love coriander. LOVE it. And basil on a pizza with some freshly sliced tomatoes and cracked pepper - delish. :)

  7. Ahh, an outing alone to a nursery is a rich, rich pleasure.

  8. Jodie, tomatoes and "barry". Charlie (aged 5) calls basil "Barry". he told me last night - "Mummy, if I eat bits of barry with bits of toms, it's yum". Makes him sound like a cannibal.

  9. For me it's sugar and fat and all the good stuff. But I'm trying, hon!

  10. Gotta say it's chocolate - not cool eh

  11. Jen@TheKingandEyeDecember 14, 2010

    I love curry and chips, always cheers me up, better than chocolate. Love your photos. Jen


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