Sunday, 28 February 2010

To bag or to handbag? To match with shoes or not?

First of all, I have to thank Kaz over at The Truth About Mummy for this tag. And also for her lovely comments on so many of my posts. And for her blog in general, 'cos it cheers me up.

Secondly, I need to be a bit Nancy Mitford about this and tell you two a lot of things about me and bags.

I have lots of them. They are not an item of wardrobe that requires you to fit into a size 12 ever, so there is no stomach crunching fear around buying bags, or bags "not fitting", so over the past 25 years or so I have indulged all of my fashionista tendencies through the buying of bags. Lots of lovely bags, all expensive, all beautiful.

If I am having a shite day, I know that when I get online at night I can go window shopping for bags. And it is nearly better than sex.

My idea of retail heaven is a shop that sells matching bags, shoes, sunglasses and purses. Sound too good to be true? Try Oroton. Or Prada.

My bags and my shoes match. Always. Even on the worst rush of a day. I cannot go out of the house without making sure my shoes and bag match. Sorry.

As a result I have two or three on the go at a time. And I can swap all the stuff that I need into them quickly. So this means there is zero crap lurking at the bottom of my bags, as the bags get swapped over sometimes twice daily, so the crap gets binned daily too.

Do I sound like a princess about all this? I am even cringing at myself.........

BUT, some days, if it is all too hard, I leave the bloody bags hanging on the peg and just lurch out of the house with just a purse, no make up, and flip flops on. So I am not really a princess. Just an echo of one.


Snaps here of the bag I used  last night and today (along with shoes, to illustrate!). If that makes me sound like a dirty stop out it's because I am indeed a dirty stop out: I was on hospital sleepover duty with my Charlie boy last night.



I also had my hairbrush in my bag, but I think I must have left it at the hospital, as it is missing. And my 'phone would normally be in my bag too, but I was using it to take the snaps! (I have no idea what kind of 'phone it is.....a Nokia something.)


Clockwise from top left........

  •  LancĂ´me perfume
  •  Cosmetic bag
  •  Sunglasses
  •  Purse (with a whole load of stuff in here like pens and band aids etc)
  •  Car & house keys
  •  Hydrocortisone cream for Charlie's eczema
  •  Batteries for Charlie's Tag Reader 
  •  Ipod
  •  Woolies nylon shopping bag. (SA now has a ban on all plastic shopping bags...I live in a BYOB state!
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  1. Thanks for sharing - I completely understand your bag obsession!

  2. I'm with Kelly, I join you in your obsession of bags! Completely!! I really like this one, btw!!

  3. Thanks swirly girlies......I am heading out today with some black you find that some days your bag is like form of armoury?! "Have cool bag, don't F@#$ with me"?!


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