Thursday, 18 February 2010

Thursdays Child..........

.......really was born on a Thursday.

Olivia, my eldest, was born on a Saturday. Just. So late at night it was nearly a Sunday.

Charlie, my boy, my middle one, was born on a Wednesday.

But Lexie, my youngest, was born on a Thursday, like her Mumma.

My baby girl is three and a half. She is the only one that calls me Mumma. The other two call me Mummy. Always have. One little letter alteration but it makes such a difference?

I asked her this morning why she called me Mumma. She didn't even pause for breath before she said "Because I love you Mumma."

Well Sugar Plum Lexie-Girl Fairy-Cakes Little-Legs Cheeky Tacker Mulvany, I love you too, and this is my love letter to you:

             Lexie, today I love you because:

  • You lick me when you are happy
  • You laugh with your whole body and mind and eyes and heart
  • You are a funky dancer who loves to move it move it ♫♫
  • Your tantrums are epic
  • You have the vocabularly of a teenager. Quite literally. Who else but a teenager or Lexie would dare tell their own Mumma "You are frustratin' me Mumma. Bugger off. Far out you are doin' my 'ead in." (And I am so ashamed yet still mightily impressed that you picked up all of these delightful phrases from me.)
  • You have style. Oh my, you have style. I wish I could carry it off as beautifully as you do. Grunge chick, princess, rock star, fairy, preppy, surfy grommet have the looks all sorted. How do you get that at age three? I am in awe. Hell, I am envious!
  • You love craft. Sticking and pasting bits of stuff onto other bits of stuff is your idea of heaven.
  • You can articulate phrases like "It's my absolute pleasure Mumma" but cannot yet pronounce "Play- Doh" preferring to call it "Play Plato" instead.
  • Your eyelashes are perfection
  • You smell of shortbread
  • You adore your siblings
  • You always save my feelings by telling me that you will "save it for later" with a conspiratorial nod, when you don't fancy what I have cooked for you.
Those are just the reasons I can think of TODAY. I have thousands more.

Mumma xxx
What do you love about your loved ones today?


  1. Oh Lucy she sounds like a delight.

  2. Oh she is just beautiful Lucy!!!!!!!!!! Happy birthday little one.


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