Tuesday, 9 February 2010


If anyone wants one, I have one. Going cheap. Free, in fact.

Adroable looking, manners of a goat. Hilarious at times, frustrating more of the time.

Has an evil temper born from three year old frustrations.

Has an amazing talent for slamming of doors and screeching so that the whole suburb can hear her yell "Mummy mummy mummy please don't hit me".

HIT YOU? I have never hit you in my life or yours, nor will I ever,  but I am so sorely tempted some days.

Lexie: sugar honey ice tea: I get that you are hot. I get that you are tired. I get that you are three, and are feeling "left behind" by your siblings. Me too, quite frankly.

Her party piece is a total melt down tantrum.
When enquiring folk ask me "What is she chucking her tanty over, exactly?" I look at them blankly. I have no idea. Nor does she. She just chucks tantrums that go on for so so long, her original "ish-ewe" is long long forgotten.

Lexie, I love you more than life itself sweet chunks, but today I wish I could post you onto a more tolerant person.



  1. You need to do a much better sell job than that - no way!

  2. Oh man - I can absolutely relate. I said to Matt this morning - I wonder if my Mum and Dad would take Scout for 1 or SIX weeks.


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