Wednesday, 3 February 2010

So much to blog, so little time.... I will just focus on the most important.

My best friend. Ritz. You rock honey.

To spend an hour on the phone with her is better than any bag of chippies. Hell, even better than Pringles.

To hear her gurgle of a laugh is pure joy.

To chat yak on about shite makes me feel happy.

To hear about her plans, her wedding, her troubles, her choices, her thoughts..........I just love love love love talking to her.

Some of you out there in blog land know Ritz. You know what I mean.

But for anyone else who doesn't have the joy of knowing her IRL...........all I can do is say "She is a top chick who I am so so lucky to have as my friend. She makes my world a better place. She makes me proud"

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  1. She is adorable! and her gurgle of a laugh is precious, yes so accurately put! We are so looking fwd to seeing her in Perth later in the year xoxo


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