Sunday, 14 February 2010

Simple Sunday

Today is going to be a slow day. Sunday's are our slow day. Our simple Sunday.

I get a long awaited "lie in" whilst lovely husband deals with the three littlies.

(In actual fact, I use the time, not to lie in at all, but to go for a long steep and hilly walk with my lovely friend, Adele.)

Either way, it is my favourite day of the week.

Today's simple Sunday is also St Valentines Day.

Now, I have to share with you: this:

The lovely husband and I got together at the end of January 1996. And I was excited: how timely! A new bloke, just in time for Valentines Day! And I happily anticipated which restaurant he might chose to take me to, and I also, obviously, envisaged flowers and chocolates.


On about the 10th of February that year,  I "casually" asked him what we might be doing to celebrate St Valentines Day. He very sweetly turned to me, held both of my hands, and said:

"But I just do not do Valentines Day. It is crass commercialism and just an excuse invented by the greeting card companies to bleed money out of people. I will love you today and every day of every year. I will try and show you how much I love you every day. But can we please just not do Valentines day?"

Oh. Okay then.

So, we don't.

Lovely husband, if you ever read my blog, I hear you.

I do not need a special day to understand that you love me. I do not need a special day to realise how much I, in turn, love you. I do not need a special day to celebrate "us".

I love you shed loads. You are the best husband, with the nicest arse, that I could ever wish for. The best Daddy. I would be, quite simply, bereft without you. After all these years,  you make me smile like no one else can ever do.

And so, on our simple Sunday, I will say this, quite simply: " I love you."

Anyone else out there in Blog land that doesn't "do" Valentines Day?


  1. Hi Lucy - we also don't celebrate Valentines Day for the same reasons. Love your blog and will be back for regular visits. Hugs from Perth xxx

  2. Neither do we Lucy...and for the same reason....when we were dating Peter would send me flowers the day after Valentines Day just to prove Andrew's point! I would still love a surprise card one year....I think I will be waiting! xoxo

  3. keepcatebusy (Cate)January 22, 2011

    No, I don't *do* valentine's day either. It's a bit of a hallmark holiday. Although this year we are going to use the date to do a fun family activity (sorry, that was fun activity with the family, not fun activity that results in a family!!). But no, there will be no red roses and heart shaped chocolates :-)

    have a great weekend

  4. life in a pink fibroJanuary 22, 2011

    Beautiful post Lucy. We don't DO Valentine's Day either. Though I do get random bunches of flowers some years just to keep me on my toes. Love is an everyday thing, don't you think?

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro today. :-)


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