Sunday, 21 February 2010

Saturday Sunday Teamwork

So much going on this weekend.

I tried and tried to get to my computer yesterday to blog, but time just ran out, and by the late evening I was faced with the choice of blogging at one end of the house, without the company of lovely husband, or curling up in front of iView with him and I in bed, together.

Now. I'll be honest, I have chatted about my TV thoughts before. I don't mind the odd bit, especially The Biggest Loser. But it doesn't hold my attention well enough. I never feel it is a "productive" use of my time. Blogging is, TV isn't.

But here's the thing. Teamwork turns my head and turns me on.

Weekends are full on for us. Between swimming and cricket and grandmothers and birthday parties, we need us to work as a team. Some weeks it doesn't work and we both pull at opposing ends of a rope to get our time in first, our needs met regardless, but, most weeks we work so beautifully well at this whole family thing, it is smoother than ice dancing.

We both like a lie in. We both like to exercise alone. We both like time spent away from the kids. We both want a bit of a weekend for ourselves.

So we get that too. Alternate lie-ins where one parent 'deals' with the hum drum of rice bubbles and kid wrangling and bed making. And the supervision of dressing of three small children whilst trying to empty the dishwasher whilst trying to pack swimming bags whilst trying to empty the compost?  You get the drift?

When it works, it works so well and I am so proud of us. I feel like we read each others minds with a smile and the acknowledgement that all this family stuff is only every really this easy and seamless & fun when we do it together. We move, literally, in sync, to get the stuff done that makes us all happy.

We match, we are a team. A formidible team, me and lovely husband. We are impenetrable in our loyalty to each other.

So when it comes to writing blog posts on the concept of a sexy saturday, but I feel I should not leave him alone, he wins: he wins me over. Because I know I have my a simple Sunday to fill the gaps of my blog, because my lovely husband team mate is covering my back...........

Thank you.


  1. Good choice and wonderful partnership. Enjoy your weekend and I hope this is one that runs like a smoothly oiled machine. xxx

  2. Sounds like a great partnership.
    We do alternate weekend day sleep ins too.

  3. Sounds like you've got a fantastic system, good for you!!! You should teach a class!

  4. It sounds like you absolutely have your priorities right. As much as I love blogging, time with my man will always come first. Teamwork is a wonderful thing when you have the right people in the team!

  5. Beautiful post Lucy. I love that feeling- where it all just runs like clockwork!


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