Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Music to move it.....

Ages ago I posted about how I had been dragged into the new milenium with an ipod

Now that I am running alone a couple of mornings a week, the whole iPod thing has really come into its own.

And as many of you will realise, eeeek, I am now over 40, so the eighties are, tragically, my era, musically.

At the moment I cannot go past this particular gem:

It is SO SO SO cheesily good!

It gets me literally pounding the streets. And Bonnie Tylers ♫ Holding Out For a Hero ♫ is as good now as it was way back when.

So, if anyone out there has any other top tragic picks to get me moving in the morning, please let know?

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  1. Some of my favourite cheesy exercise tracks:

    Playing to Win
    The Boys Are Back in Town
    Danger Zone


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