Monday, 15 February 2010

Music Monday

Is it just me, or can your day sometimes just be made so positive, so brimming with optimism, by just a song?

This one really does it for me today.


Ace Of Base - Beautiful Morning

PLEASE, let me know of those songs you love: the ones that just make you feel so positive & they make you grin and make you want to be happy?


  1. Wow! Such optimism on a Monday...LOVE it!

    Have a great week!

  2. Any cheesy 80's hit does it for me!

    Wake Me Up Before You Go Go is a particular favourite :o)

  3. Ahhh Kelly: watch this space then: Andrew & I are going to a friends fortieth birthday in a couple of weeks in the whole Wham outfit: I have just recieved our wigs (think George Michael for him and Shirlie a la Pepsi & Shirlie for me) along with our Choose Life T-shirts........


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