Sunday, 7 February 2010

I want.......

..............a cooler day.

I want to have eaten a lot less Weber roast.

I want the Biggest Loser to be on later so I don't miss it.

I want there to be no cricket on.

I want to cuddle with my husband but he is pre-occupied with cricket.

I want it to be cooler. (Did I say that already? Can you tell I am hot and feeling fat and cranky?!)

I want to be not bored.

I want to be inspired.

I want to eat but I don't want to eat.

I want it to be tomorrow already.

I want to be less over myself.

Shut up Lucy, you miserable old tart and go to bed.

Tomorrow is another day.

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  1. We all have those days - tomorrow is a new start, make the most of it!


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