Friday, 12 February 2010

Foodie Friday

I know that this whole blog is supposed to be about dieting and fitness and all that palava. And I am doing very well, in general, with the whole "making good food choices" bizzo.

But all I could think of today with regard to blogging was food. Cooking with the kids. (Figs are featuring way way up there too.)

So I thought I would spend some time hunting down a perfect summer salad that involved some sexy figs?

But I also wanted to spend some chilled out time: cooking in our pj's type of time, with my youngest two little tackers: Charlie and Lexie.

But I also wanted to get over to see my beautiful friend Rosanne. She has the calming ability to bring so much peaceful sanity into my world.

As soon as I mentioned the possibility of seeing Rosanne to Charlie his smile turned into a full wattage grin and he said "Maybe at Rosanne's we can do some cooking of some treaty type things?".

Decision made.

And so we did.

We made cheese scones together.

The serene Rosanne and my children baked. Lexie dusted her floury handprints all over the furniture. I poured my heart out to the ever empathetic Rosanne. Charlie measured and stirred and mixed and concentrated and became absorbed in the cooking of a treaty thing.

Just watching them, when I remember to be still and quiet: they all bring me such peace and joy.

Especially, I should say, those cheese scones..........

What little thing brings you joy today?


  1. They look awesome - what a great way to spend a day!

  2. Very nice!! Hope you enjoyed your day. Just found your blog on the Blog This site. What a wonderful story of sucess. Well done you!!

  3. Thank you ladies. Caz, I am glad you found me, and vice versa.


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