Monday, 22 February 2010

Charlie is poorly.

I have rambled on a fair bit last week 'bout how gorgeous my two girls are.

Todays post is about Charlie.

My boy.

My middle one.

The one that rocks my world.

The one that I love to twenty million and back again.

He is a male mini me. At four, he is just about the cutest thing in my whole wide world.

He is in so much pain.

He is hurting so badly.

He is so scared and so frightened, and so I am, for him.

He is braver than brave about this thing: braver than should be allowed.

Charlie is in the hospital. Flat on his back. In full traction. In so much incredible musle spasming pain right now. He broke his left femur yesterday afternoon. Taking a ride on his sisters new razor scooter, he took a massive tumble.....and has bust his left thigh bone so badly his little leg is swollen to triple the size it should be.

After hours of waiting and x-rays and shunting and being seen and being prodded last night, he was admitted to the Adelaide Women & Chilrens. For at least 3 weeks. Probably 4. Fuck.

I am just home. Lovely (guilty) husband has just tagged me. Lovely husband will be the one tonight to feel totally useless as he tries to alleviate the pain that is ripping down one side of his four year old sons body.

Lovely husband will be the one tonight who holds his son and just cries with him. Their tears will blend. I know that lovely husband would just about sell his soul to the devil if it meant being able to turn back time and fix Charlie and to take away the pain. I tried last night to bargain. I prayed for the first time in a long time.

I just bathed and tucked the girls in. They are confused and missing him and they feel clunky without him. I did not tuck in enough children tonight. Too few sets of toothypegs got brushed. His jammies are still there and redundant. His room is empty of him and I miss him so much.

So if I am not blogging for a while, think of me as we try and feel our way through each day over the next few weeks. To take care of Charlie and just be with him.  And to try and make life as "normal" as we can for the girls. And not lose ourselves to knackeredness in between.

I am sad tonight. Off to bed now, I think, to cry for my little Charlie boy.


  1. Oh Lucy, what an ordeal...for all of you!
    I hope that beautiful little boy heals quickly and you're all back together soon. Many hugs! xx

  2. I hope that Charlie heals fast and is home sooner than everyone expects. What an awful thing to have had happen.

    Poor boy. Poor you and Mr Lucy.

  3. I'm in tears for you Lucy. Your poor baby. I hope he heals quickly, that his pains recedes quickly. I will be thinking of you.

  4. Oh Lucy. I am glad you did some praying. I promise I will be doing some too. xo

  5. My goodness, I'm so sorry you're all going through this! I'm praying for ALL of you, hope your little boy is out of pain and back to normal SOON! Hang in there!!

  6. Luce, my heart and soul are with Charlie, you and the rest of your gorgeous family. Believe me when I say I know the feeling of sitting next to that bed bargaining with God to take the pain from one of the anchors which tether you to the face of the earth. There is nothing which compares and I have tears streaming down my face after reading this blog entry.

    Please take care of you and yours. Try to remember that it will pass, he will heal and there is an end to the pain.

    *mwa* Wish I were there to hold you and help you.

  7. Oh that's just so terrible for your boy and for all of you. I hope he recovers soon x

  8. Oh poor Charlie!! And yes he is gorgeous. They are wonderful in the childrens hospital and it'll be his own little story once he's all better. I know it makes you all sad right now. Lots of love xxx

  9. Oh Lucy!! I have tears :( I'm so very sorry, 3 or 4 weeks in hospital!!!! Thinking of you and your family, and I hope Charlie is well on the road to recovery.

  10. Lucy, I hope he is feeling better soon. It is so hard to see your children in pain. He is in good hands

    What a beautiful little man.


  11. Lucy, I am so so sorry that this has happened to your poor little man. I hope he feels better real wuick & that he can come out of hospital sooner than expected.


  12. *hug* your poor little man :(
    I hope he's home where he belongs soon.

  13. Oh Lucy, I am so sorry to hear of Charlie's accident. How hard it must be for you and your hubby to see him in so much pain. I hope his leg mends quickly and that the 3 or 4 weeks go quickly for you all. Hugs to everyone xxx

  14. Will be thinking of you all, Lucy.

  15. Lucy I wish I had a magic wand to take his (and your) pain away :(

    Sending you all lots of hugs xoxoxoxoxoxox

  16. Oh you poor things. Sending big hugs and lots of positive thoughts your way for a speedy recovery for your little man.

  17. Ow, that sounds horribly painful :( I hope he defies the doctors and is out of there sooner than 4 weeks. (((((hugs))))) to you all

  18. God am I the last person on earth to discover your wonderful blog? Well I've found it! So sad and SO well written. You are a bloody lovely writer. Hope he's feeling better now :)

  19. He IS feeling better now. Thank you. We are, finally, all together at home again. He has an amazing full body cast, but he remains stoic throughout......10 days down, 32 to go.....


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