Saturday, 27 February 2010

Captain Starlight.....

No school drop offs this morning so I can treat my girls to what Lexie tells me is "the best bekfest I ever had" (apricots and muelsli bars on the couch. Oh my goddess, standards slip pretty quick round here.....)

And the lack of rush means a little blog post.

First of all, thanks for everyones lovely comments and kind wishes for my Charlie boy.

He is, sadly, as crook as. Not only does he have the busted leg in traction to contend with, but now also the "ancillary" issues of thrush, constipation, a flare up of his exema, as well as some beginnings of bedsores. Does the poor child not have enough to deal with, for fucks sake?? (Sorry. Angry Mummy.)

Maybe the bloke upstairs is treating Charlie like I feel he teats me? "Ack, she'll be right, she'll cope. Don't chuck that shite at any of the other feckers, Lucy can cope. Oh look, there's her son, throw some crappola on him too.....he's a strudy little tacker made of stern stuff like his Mummy, he'll be right."

I think I just made God sound like he has an Australian Irish accent. Sorry. But maybe he does? And I know he shares out the grief, and I know there are a whole lot worse things going on in the world, but sometimes in my pity party it feels like I get a bit more than my fair share, just quietly.

Anyway, Charlie had a visit yesterday from Captain Starlight.

In blissfull ignorance, I was not totally au fait with The Starlight Foundation and what they do. But I am now, and it is pretty cool.

I have been, for years, maintaining an ongoing regular donation to the Heart Foundation. But I am organising to make that regualr ongoing donation to the Startlight Foundation instead.

I am no Catriona Rountree, but have a click through to their donation page, maybe?

Charlie was treated to not one but TWO Captain Starlights yesterday and it was the first time he had cracked a laugh for five whole days. For me, that is worth GOLD.

They made him laugh so much that it gurgled up from his tummy and a whole heap of nurses came to see what was happening.

I had to run away and have a little cry because I was so glad that SOMEONE could make him forget his pain for a little while.

So thank you to all those Captain Starlights out there.

I was going to post this last night and just gave up. Too tired. A bowl of cereal and my bed was all I could manage. But a good sleep later and a little more chilled out this morning.



  1. Poor Charlie!! Hope he's better soon! (You, too!)

  2. Captain Starlight and the Clown Doctors that visit our children's hospital here in Perth are the best pick me ups for kids. Sorry to hear Charlie is now having to struggle with more than just a broken leg in traction because I too would have thought that was enough for any one to deal with. Have they put him on a air/water cushion/blanket thingy? Sending him some healing wishes. Hugs from Perth xxx

  3. Awww Lucy. What an awesome post. I've got tears. I have a little boy who has been poorly in the past and you're right the Starlight Foundation are fabulous.

    Great blog. Inspirational.

    Thanks for visiting me as well and for following.

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  5. I frackin LOVE those people, I think they are all volunteers? Clown Doctors ROCK. All my xmas decorations are starlight foundation ones.

  6. Hey Lucy ((((((hugs)))))) more for you and Charlie!!

  7. Just left you a little at my place - if you get some spare time and want something to keep your mind of things :)

  8. Hey Lucy- I actually missed this post the first time round. It bought tears to my eyes. When I was a Captain starlight, that was by far the best part of my job- hearing parents say "that's the first time they've smiled in days!!". Bless you. The Captains (and Clown Doctors) are all full time, paid employees, and your fundraising is contributing to keeping them out there as much as possible.


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