Sunday, 21 February 2010

Aunty Nootie

Inspired by Kaz over at The Truth About Mummy, I wanted to share a little Mummy/daughter funny misunderstanding.

The Mummy in question is me, and the daughter concerned is Olivia, my eldest and she turns six, today!

Can I brag, and tell you she is smart and verbose and beautiful?

That so often I gaze at her in utter wonder, this little miracle of mine?

And can I tell you that her maturity and grace and poise & self posession is just amazing and it blows me away?

And that everything she does is to try and make everyone else happy? How does she get that at aged 6?

Can I be so proud to tell you that she is THE coolest chick I know? If I was six, I would SO want to be her best friend. Hell, I am 40, and I want to be her best friend.

And I am so grateful that she had the self confidence and charm & charisma to accept this as her absolute right in the world.

Oh my, Olivia-Pie, I love you stacks.

Anyway, when she was a littler tacker, just before her little brother Charlie was born, she was a fairly demanding and non-walking 16 month old.

After a much needed (by her and me) rest-time one day, she bottom shuffled into the kitchen and started asking me:

"I want Aunty Nootie"


"Aunty Nootie pliz"

"Ummmm, my love, who is Aunty Nootie? Where does she live?"

"Aunty Nootie NOW"

"Darling, I am not sure I know who Aunty Nootie is?"

"Aunty Nootie RIGHT NOW PLIZ"

"Sweetie, where do you know "Aunty Nootie" from?"

As you may gather, the collective frustation levels from both of us are raging fairly high by this stage.

In disgust, she scoots on her bum over to the pantry, opens it, grabs a Tupperware full of Cruskits, and shouts at me:

"Aunty Noooooootie Mummy!"

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Afternoon tea. I get you. Help yourself sweet girl.

To this day, any form of afternoon/after school snack is, of course, called "Aunty Nootie". By everyone. Of course! Good old Aunty Nootie, bless her.

Give me some of your own cute Mummy/Child pearlers?


  1. Hahaha Lucy that is adorable :)

    Here are some funny Zander moments -

    When I was breastfeeding his sister - "Mummy when you drink milk does it go to your boobs and not your tummy?"

    "Mummy those birds are cracking me up with all their noise" (he was getting confused with cranky).

    And my favourite when he was just over two:
    Z: Jump puddles tomorrow?
    Me: There's no puddles at the moment, it's hasn't been rainining.
    Z: Ooooooh
    Me: We have to wait for some more rain to make puddles.
    Z: Granma buy more rain please?
    Me: No, Granma can't buy it, the rain comes from the sky.
    Z: Oooooh, Granma buy it (from) sky?

  2. Lol - that's so cute Lucy - as is your Olivia. Guess what - my middle pink is Olivia too and we have a charlie - (but ours has 4 legs and woofs!) I love hearing mummy's rave about their kids - all kids deserve that type of love and devotion. Great story :O)

  3. Happy Birthday Olivia - how lucky your Mum is to have you in her life (and Mum she is so wonderful because you are her Mum). Thanks for giving me something to chuckle about this afternoon, I love kid stories.

  4. What a gorgeous little girl you have. Happy birthday Olivia!

  5. Ohhh what an absolute BEAUTY. She will stay that way, I promise - even through the teen years, even when she grows at the speed of light and you wonder what happened, she will always be there.

    Sorry if I scared you!

  6. How very cute. My beautiful boy, at 27 is only *just* becoming verbal. We had a good 10 minutes frustration the other day, with me desperately looking for the cow that he was "Moo"ing at. Until I spotted the moon suspended in the arvo sky. Duh, mummy. Of course. The *moon*.

  7. AWESOME!! I love that this is what afternoon tea will now be called! BTW: I agree, she's just beautiful!!


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