Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Alone but happy

I walked for over an hour this morning, alone.

Not something I normally do.

I normally fail to meet that committment to myself, which is a shame, but something I now feel able to change.

I usually meet with a walking friend or two.

But this morning it was just me, my iPod, some brilliant '80's remixes, and my thoughts.

Alone but happy.

It was so cool I felt a bit emotional to be honest?!

I guess I just all of a sudden "got" that my health and happiness is really in my hands and is here, right now.

I am not dependant on anyone else for my own happiness. Nor do I need anyone else to make my health a reality. Indeed, it is ONLY me that can make it happen. And I know I can.

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  1. Well done! I love being up early in the morning when nobody else is awake. It's so peaceful - it's almost enough to turn me into a morning person. Almost, but not quite!


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