Sunday, 17 January 2010

So, how exactly?

Just a quickie, so to speak, to follow on my earlier post in relation to the "diet".

How exactly have I lost all this weight?

And how do I plan to lose the next load of spare kilograms?

Here's how:

Optifast shakes for breakfast and lunch

Chopped veggies for morning and afternoon tea

Low fat main meal at dinner time of approx 500 cals.

4 x 45 minute exercise sessions a week


2 litres of water a day


Hypnotherapy every night before bed

I am gonna be starving for the first 3 days, but then I will be on a roll.

I can kind of hear a collective gasp as people wonder why on earth a cool and intelligent chick like myself would ever opt for a "shake based" diet of Oprah fame.

Well, here's the thing. It works, for me.
It is high protein, low carb, low fat. That works for me. My body simply feels better and responds and loses weight by using this type of mixture of nutrients.
I was chatting to a friend of mine who is a Life Time Weight Watchers member, and she was "doubtful" about a diet that was shake based.

We ended up discussing it at length.

My argument is this:

I KNOW WHAT A HEALTHY DIET IS........I am an intelligent well read chick on all things nutrition, SO HOW COME I AM OVERWEIGHT???!

Also, whilst I know what a healthy diet is, I have, for way too long, allowed myself to ignore my own knowledge because of a multitude of MENTAL reasons. I have consciously chosen all the WRONG foods, despite my education.

A prescriptive shake diet, such as Optifast, for me, removes 99% of the choices. I can do it without thinking, and therefore WITHOUT TEMPATATION!

Ummm, shall I have a couple of slices of toast with nutella & peanut butter for my brekky? Or a low fat yogurt? That is a choice I would rather not have to make right now.

So my choice currently is "cappuccino shake or vanilla shake". I make it, skull it, and move on with my day. No guilt, no choice, no shame, no beating myself up at all.

I think a lot of people poo poo shake diets. But with initially 40kg to lose, I JUST KNEW that it would help me SHIFT the large proportion. Then I can start focusing on the psychological issues.

Most intelligent women KNOW what a healthy diet looks like. The mental issues are far far more complex.

Maintenance will be tricky.........resisting temptation & ensuring that I make consistent healthy choices will be a mental battle. But I shall cross THAT bridge when I am a slim size 10!

I will lose another 5kg by Feb 18th, which is when my plastic surgery pre-procedure appointment is set.

See? I know what I need to do.

I am actually quite excited about it.

We had roast duck tonight and I feel blerk. So I am looking forward to feeling lean by Thursday..........

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