Sunday, 31 January 2010


Oh my.

Not since I gave up cigarettes have I had a craving so bad.


I want sushi rolls so much.

Fresh, with crispy teriyaki chicken. And prawns. And salmon.

And soy sauce.

I think I may need to nip to Tea Tree Plaza to satisfy this.................

But I am weighing in with Lynda tomorrow morning, so maybe not.


  1. Ooh, have you tried the sushi from the place next to Target at TTP? Fabulous! Now I want some :o(

  2. Ha ha ha, that is EXACTLY where I went to. I just squizzed at your profile Kelly, and realised that you too are an Adelaide girl....this blogging thing is such a glocal thing!

  3. It's bizarre - my blogroll has a great mix of overseas and local bloggers. The world is certainly becoming smaller!


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