Sunday, 17 January 2010

Classy Weight Loss Ticker?

Is there such a thing out there in ticker land?

I am hunting down a classy weight loss ticker.

That said, although my leaf is turned over, I haven't actually weighed in yet.

That little "treat" is tomorrow mornings adventure.

My beloved returns to work tomorrow, which means that I can no longer remain submerged in the glittering depths of holiday mode, sadly.

Which means back to 5am starts to get my exercise in.

Which means back to dieting.

Now then, I know that it is not trendy or politically correct to "diet". And I know that a whole heap of fat and skinny people will preach on about how it is a "lifestyle", or how I am working towards "gaining slimness". And a whole realm of other cutesy phrases.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Heard it all before.

Let's face it, it is a diet.

I have had a very indulgent time over Christmas.

So now need to face the demon scales and weigh in.

And then I need to get back on my diet.

Over the past 2 years I have gone from 126 kg down to 88kg. And given up smoking.

So to put all that into a graphical form, I need a weight loss ticker. But there appears to be a drought on classy ones?


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  1. Good luck on your hunt for a classy ticker for any subject! I think by nature they are cutesy & not classy. Someone needs to create one.....


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