Tuesday, 20 October 2009

October 2009:Chillaxin'

Well, I am still here.

I am just cruising nicely at the moment. Chillaxin', no less.

I am in a really great place.

I still have about 15kg to go, but I have maintained this current weight for nearly a year and am eating so well and exercise is still an utter joy, that I am really content.

I am a happy size 14. I am toned. I am fit. My clothes suit me. My skin is peachy. I no longer smoke. I no longer use food as a crutch. I no longer stuff my feelings down with food. I eat what every one else eats and am cool with that.

I do have a belly.. ...annoyingly. I have had three children in 2.5 years, from an overweight start. That baby belly skin has NO elasticity left. I think I could work out in the gym 7 hours a day for the next 12 months and that damn baby belly would still be slung around my middle like a padded apron.

Really, it is the ONLY bit of me that gets me down.

Which is pretty good really. Just goes to show how happy I am in relation to every other facet of my world!

So, I am exercing 5 times a week, eating normally, maintaining.

I am doing a term 4 weight loss sweepsteak challenge with my little gym, which is fun: I think I could stand to win around $2000 if I win. (To win I would need the highest body fat % lost.) So I am up for that. So this term may see me shift 6 or 7kg.

We shall see.................