Tuesday, 20 October 2009

October 2009:Chillaxin'

Well, I am still here.

I am just cruising nicely at the moment. Chillaxin', no less.

I am in a really great place.

I still have about 15kg to go, but I have maintained this current weight for nearly a year and am eating so well and exercise is still an utter joy, that I am really content.

I am a happy size 14. I am toned. I am fit. My clothes suit me. My skin is peachy. I no longer smoke. I no longer use food as a crutch. I no longer stuff my feelings down with food. I eat what every one else eats and am cool with that.

I do have a belly.. ...annoyingly. I have had three children in 2.5 years, from an overweight start. That baby belly skin has NO elasticity left. I think I could work out in the gym 7 hours a day for the next 12 months and that damn baby belly would still be slung around my middle like a padded apron.

Really, it is the ONLY bit of me that gets me down.

Which is pretty good really. Just goes to show how happy I am in relation to every other facet of my world!

So, I am exercing 5 times a week, eating normally, maintaining.

I am doing a term 4 weight loss sweepsteak challenge with my little gym, which is fun: I think I could stand to win around $2000 if I win. (To win I would need the highest body fat % lost.) So I am up for that. So this term may see me shift 6 or 7kg.

We shall see.................

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  1. Luce, I am so pleased to see your post, i still check yur website regularly so was thrilled to see a new one. Thanks for your call yesterday, I was having lunch with a mutual friend of Ritz and mine so we wanted to say hello and she hadn't got back to me since last call, she did call us in the end! It was wonderful to hear from her. I am so sorry to hear your Mum isn't on the mend, I can only imagine how draining the hospital visits are. But I am absolutely thrilled you are 'chillaxin' into the weight loss journey, it almost becomes life then rather than a separate part of it...well done Lucy and will call next week....Cathy XOXO


I am a comment addict. Thank you so much for your words...xx