Monday, 3 August 2009


At the risk of sounding like one of the kids, "I'm hungry".

I am starting from scratch.
I weighed in today with Lynda, and today is the start of 7 weeks of proper eating.
But it just goes to show how my shrunken tummy must have expanded.....I have eated well today, but I am still hungry................arrrgggg!

All will be sorted by Thursday........


  1. Can you do something really engaging to take your mind off being hungry?

    I'm still constantly inspired by you sweets. You have persevered for so long - I KNOW you are going to cross the finish line *hug*

  2. Cherie my love, my really engaging things are blogging, rampant sex or scrapbooking. OR sleep.........LOL!

  3. Well, rampant sex would probably burn the most calories ;)


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