Wednesday, 29 July 2009


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I know it's not glamorous. I know it stinks. I know it could kill me.

I know I am an ex smoker and I know I will never ever smoke again. (Honest, I promise.)

But Oh My Goddess, I could murder a fag right now.

Some head rush please. Some neck tendon untwisting time. Some deep inhalation? Some saltpetre crackle? Some acrid smoke? Some nicotine to fill up the "holes" in my blood?

Not sure why I am craving today, but I am.

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  1. Hi Lucy. You don't know me from a bar of soap, so bear with me a moment... I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis a while back, and in my search to find someone in Adelaide who had even heard of it, let alone had an interest in it, Google led me to you via babybelly. I do not have permission, apparently, to access your page there... Are you able to point me in the direction of a medically qualified person in Adelaide at all who knows anything at all about this stupid disease? Please?


I am a comment addict. Thank you so much for your words...xx