Sunday, 8 March 2009

Reasons to break through....

This post might be in draft for a while whilst I accumulate all the reasons I can collect to break through this stagnant period.

Intellectually of course I know I want to carry on.

All reason suggests that getting back on a very focused plan is, of course, the best thing to do.

But I think I need to recall some of the more emotionally entrenched reasons to forge ahead.

Here are some of the things that have popped into my head today as I have pottered:

1. I was the one that chose to do this in the first place, against all odds. It was probably the last thing anyone imagined I would ever do, and I know it has seriously ticked some people off. And I'll be frank, it utterly delights me to think that I have the power to rattle those people with something as worthwhile as my personal fitness and appearance! Bring it on I say!

2. I was the one that chose this project. Let me finish it well, finish it on time, and finish it with more applause. I love love love the recognition that losing weight gives me. Big time. Whether it be positive comments from virtual strangers, amazed encouragement from friends, or comforting praise from Andrew, I revel in all those compliments. More please!

3. Conversely, if I chose to give up now, OH MY GOD. I will start putting on weight, which makes me feel sick to my stomach. What a waste that would be. Of time, of effort, of energy. I can only imagine how much sadness and immense regret that would bring me and I truly DO NOT WANT TO GO THERE.

4. Nor do I want to give ANYONE the satisfaction, EVER, of being able to say or think "She couldn't keep it off. I knew she'd stack it back on." Shudder. Cringe. No way.

5. Fitting in the tiny seats in economy and being able to easily put the little flappy table thingo down is a joy. An utter joy.

6. I love getting glammed up with a fake tan and a flattering outfit. Love it. But it's only such fun if I know I am at the best figure I can be.

7. Raunchy sex.

8. More energy in general, for the kids.

9. I have given up smoking for goodness sake. After 26 years of smoking, I am finally a non smoker, which is about the healthiest thing I have ever done in my whole life. So to continue to lose weight on top[ of that is a huge achievement. And I want to bask in the smugness!

10. I have a sad yearning to carry on losing weight so I can go on some cheesy "current affairs" show.

11. I love the smug feeling of going to bed at night knowing I have been a perfect angel with regard to food and exercise & water.

12. I truly love love love the buzz I get from the exercise. More please. And the sense of pride I get from having taking my training to the next level.

13. I love that Andrew is proud of what I have achieved so far, and I so do not want to backslide and risk disappointing him.

14. Charlie and Tom (and a lot of other people to be honest!) haven't seen me skinny yet. I want them to see me even slimmer and be amazed!

More to come, no doubt........

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  1. Hello dear Luce, I am SOOOOO glad u r back......the selfish reason, is I love reading your blog, it not only inspires me, it is great reading (you talented lady!). The more genuine reason, is that I know u r back engaged in your weight loss journey, yeh, i know u can do it!!! I can see u in 6 weeks, go get it girl!!!!! talk this week for a chat xoxo


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