Wednesday, 25 March 2009


To be doing such a nice balance of exercise pretty much every day had been a totally alien concept to me up until this past year. I am so so so glad I am finally off my arse really making a difference to my health.

The weather is gorgeous at the moment and I am in a good place.

Recently, a couple of friends and family have asked how I manage to fit in the exercise I do around the kids.

Here is my current plan:

Monday 6am Group Personal Training (Cardio and Resistance). Home by 7am for a shower and this is about when the kids are waking up. (If they wake earlier, Lovely Husband deals with them and slaps ABC kids on for them with a cup of juice!)

Tuesday 6am Group Interval Training: this starts from next term. Again, I know I can be home by 7am.

Tuesday 7pm: I use the time to do "big things" like a huge hill, the Paracourse, a 14km walk etc.
Wednesday 6am: Group Personal Training (Cardio and Resistance)

Thursday 7.30pm: The solitary run, with my iPod. This is the one I have to really psych myself up for. It is only my iPod and its cheesy 1980's dance tracks that gets me out there in Wadmore Park running round in the dark. BUT, funnily enough, once I have done it, by myself, I feel so inspired.

Friday: This is a hard one as I have to do something around the kids. So usually a session with my fit ball and the DVD fit ball routine, or skipping, as well as Lynda's home Resistance workout. Or I run up and down the track at the back of the house.

Saturday: My day off! Although most Saturdays I will pram push one of the kids down to Target/Foodland, which is a lovely walk, and they love it.

Sunday: This is my "lie in" day when Lovely Husband gets up with the kids and makes them brekky and gets them dressed etc. However, I chose to use this time to walk. We meet at 7.30am at Morialta. We walk to the first falls and back, doing the Giants Cave steps on the way, and on the way back. It is one of my favourite times of the week. It is one of my favourite walks.

Even if I never lose another gram, this exercise business gives me so much energy, so many happy hormones, so much more of a sense of peace in my heart, so much more love to give to the kids and to Andrew, it is truly worth it. And so much easier than I ever imagined it would be.

And it had changed me from this:

To this:


  1. A big Congrats Lucy, how wonderful! and what a coup given your birthday is almost upon us....I am amzed at the difference in the faces! How great to see pink on you too, it looks fantastic! Look fed to seeing you soon xoxo

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