Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Trust your bodies response??

For Farks sake..........Trust your bodies response??

Despite being an angel last week, I put on weight???

0.6kg came running back to me for some reason?

SO SO annoyed.

My muscle mass % did go up, as did my water %, and my body fat % went down, but of course I am conditioned to want the overall weight just to go DOWN, please.

I will email the angel with horns (Lynda) and see what she thinks.

I know she will say "Lucy, you must trust your bodies response" but I am going to have to do some major "my body is a temple" mantras this week to get over this hump........

Saturday, 25 October 2008


A huge key for me, in this whole diet and body transformation bizzo, is the ability to believe that I can actually do this.

My brain is so very powerful, if I cannot visualise it, if I cannot believe in somthing, if the activity required doesn't excite me for its future potential, if it doesn't inspire me to feel positive, I know that I probably won't succeed.

Hence I love love love this mosaic maker thingo!

The creation fo the below, the activity of choosing images, makes me really still as I search my heart for how I want to feel.

This is what the below represents.

If I lose lots of weight and get to goal, I will feel as good as all these images look.

If I can believe in it, I can be it.

I know it is only Sunday, but...........

I am menu planning & shopping today..........

Monday: Scratch: Hard boiled Eggs, Crudites and Mountain Bread
Tuesday: Thai chicken and glass noodle salad
Wednesday: Beef Teriaki Stir Fry
Thursday: Sweet chili chicken and homemade tabbouleh
Friday: Garlic Prawns and Steamed Veggies
Saturday: Spaghetti Carbonara (using low fat turkey bacon)
Sunday: BBQ sirloin


Just a really really great few days. Enough said.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

On Fire.........

..............because I lost 1.9kg last week! I think, from memory, that that is my best loss yet!

I was an angel food wise and exercise wise and water wise. And it paid off, big time.

THE best feeling in the world...........pride, success, relief and happiness all rolled into one, just to know I can carry on with all this weight loss bizzo.........

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

My Statement of Intent.........

It was my first night back at personal training last night.

Again, we had to work out our goals (mathematically) and also write out a "Statement of Intent" for ourselves.

I did do this last time, but I honestly do not remember it.

Anyway, on a high after a starting fitness test (which I actually enjoyed, and I didn't want to vomit by the end of it, LOL!) I typed mine up, printed it out, and am going to stick it everywhere I am ever tempted! (The kitchen and the car.......)

Lucy’s Statement of Intent!

I am sticking diligently and exactly to my Calorie King allowances and exercising daily.

I will, by the end of the program reach my weight goal of 54kg and my body fat % of 23-33%. I will be a size 10!

I am doing all this because I want to be fit and healthy and energetic, and I will achieve it easily by 31st March 2009, because I am committed to being the best, and this project plan is destined for ultimate success!

I have approached this with total honesty to myself, and am amazed at the truths I have uncovered.

I can feel the huge sense of achievement and confidence and pride for all of the consistent weight losses and fitness gains I have made. I had a goal, I stuck to it, and I have loved achieving each week.

I will be the very best wife, mother and friend I can be, who is loving, confident, happy, energetic, fun, organised, and patient.

I am a high achiever and this will be one of my very best achievements yet.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Giving it away........

Andrew has been attempting to give up smoking for months now. It is painful.

He came across some "wonder-drug" called Champix which is supposed to block the receptors to the brain that send the "I need a fag" message.

And the stuff really works.

BUT not without side effect and that is to make a usually warm, happy, easy going bloke into a snappy foul tempered overreacting paranoid man.


So, in a last ditch bed for peace in this house, I have make a commitment to give up my 4 cigarettes a day, so that he can give up the Champix and the cigarettes, without my bad influence.

Now, I know I can give them away. Easily. But I am really scared that I will pile on a few kilos as a result...........So I am going to have to be really careful that I don't replace my fags with other more fattening rewards.

I am going to miss my little Holidays.

Four a day is not a bad habit, four ciggies a day is just a pleasure.....

But they have to go..........

Friday, 10 October 2008

A Beautiful Day

Is it just me, or is there nothing much that can top beautiful children playing happily in the sun?

Today is a glorious Adelaide summer day, not a cloud in the sky, the sun is shining, with a lovely breeze.

We have just got back from a play date with Roseanne & her children and we all had SUCH a great time.

A "glad to be alive" type of day. Little boys in cute shorts, little girls in summer t-shirts, a happy sandpit and lots of swings.........

I am a lucky Mummy.............

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Pedicures and other stuff

First of all, can I just ask, is it just me, or is a pedicure one of life's greatest pleasures? During and after?

I feel like I have truly relaxed.

I feel like I have nurtured myself.

I feel pampered and smooth and sparkly.

Body By Sharon in Paradise, you are truly a heaven sent haven for me.........

And what sexy goddess like toes I have now!

I am planning a manicure next.....and will possibly venture into the realm of own nails grow well, but the polish chips within 15 seconds, and I am reticent to grown them too long for fear of scratching the kids.........but I think that acrylics are somehow not as scratchy?

Superficial, I know, but after recent events and conversations, I realise more and more that this little family of mine are happy when I am happy. And cranky when I am cranky. I am like the glue that keeps all of the family facets together?

As selfish as it may initially feel and sound, I HAVE to take care of myself first, in order to be in the best possible shape physically and spiritually and emotionally, for this little family. If I break, so do they.

And I am happy with this current balance. There IS enough time in the day and the week to take care of them AND of me.

I am a lucky lucky girl.

Toes and fingers and all.