Saturday, 28 June 2008

Murgh take.......

For our "homework" this week we have to adapt a recipe, to reduce its calories, or its fat content, or its carbs........

And as we all know, it is outrageously popular, especially in this little family of mine, so Butter Chicken takes the spotlight.......

Shocking! Pleasingly so!

Original Version:
833 cals
29g fat
37.6g protein
104g carbs

My low fat low carb version:

294 cals
5.1g fat
41.2g protein
21.9g carbs

Interestingly, when I Googled "Butter Chicken" a very similar recipe to mine came up on the Australian Institute of Sport website, so I feel smug in as much as I must be on the right track!

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

On a roll..............

I had such a laugh last night at personal training.......
First of all I lost 0.9kg last week, which I am VERY happy about.
And then we played games, LOL!
Hopscotch, skipping, elastics. netball, scccer, name it!
All in the name of interval training (3 minutes cardio) and strength training (2 minutes)
It certainly got my heart rate pumping, and I enjoyed it so much...............

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Weights & Resistance Training...........

I did 1 hr 20 minutes last night of a combination of cardio intervals with strength/resistance training.........
It was SO hard, but it was so great, I loved it........
So I may not bother with the gym thing, and sign up for an additional session of this with Lynda......6am every Wednesday morning from next term.........

Monday, 16 June 2008

Don't faint........

.......but I have managed two amazing things today........

1. I bought a new pair of tracksuit bottoms in a SIZE 14. Oh my, I know they are obviously stretchy material, but they don't cut me off at the blood supply and actually, they don't look half bad!

2. I have taken up a "one week free trial" at the gym......the old Kerry O'Brien's in Payneham and they now are a "Fitness First" and I got a voucher off the back of Gill's cereal packet. So I took it along and allowed them to try and sell to I will use the free week and see how I go.........

They have the pool still, so I am setting my alarm for 5.30am to take myself off for a swim......

Plus I have walked for an hour with Perry, did 10 mins of jogging in intercals, plus listened to my "Think Slim" MP3.
Plus I have changed all the sheets on all of our beds...........

A happy day.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Achieve or Leave!

OK, time to get serious.
The in laws have visited and now are gone again, so I have had a week off.
But Tuesday nights training session bought it home to me when Linda reminded us of our ten week goals and told us in no uncertain terms that she no longer wanted to hear justifications or excuses, and that if we weren't committed, we would be invited to leave the program.
Oh my......I so do NOT want that that happen to me.
So time to really get serious again.
I have revisited a lot of my initial goals, and have set myself a mini goal that aligns with the one I set with Linda which is to lose another 6.8kg by June 30th. That gives me 3 weeks, so I am going to have to work bloody hard!! Approximately 2.5kg a week.
But I know that if I exercise hard and really monitor what I eat, I can come close to this.
I have been religiously entering everything into CK, and today I even did interval training by myself in the rain......1 minute run/1 minute walk for 40 minutes.
Wish me luck...........

Monday, 2 June 2008

A Safe Place

A very wise and good friend suggested that I picked up some books, "books that you know inspire you" to help me get this self sabotage thing under control.

So I did. I dragged out my "Confessions of a Reformed Dieter" and my "Think Slim" and "Body Clutter".

It was therapeutic.

I also went back through this blog to remind myself of all my ramblings from when I started.

And this morning, determined to break the spiral, I got on the scales.

I have still lost over the past 10 days.


I feel like I am at the stage now that I am encountering so many emotional road blocks to all this.

But it's worth it.

And I am the best person to deal with them for myself.

And I will.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Self sabotage?

This is a hard post to write as I am not even clear in my own head as to what is going on.

But the past week or so has been tough.

I feel like I am almost consciously sabotaging my own efforts.

Its almost like I get things down pat, totally under control and then decide to "buck the system". WHY?????

The weight that I am at now is the slimmest I have ever been since I have known Andrew. Maybe I am scared of losing more?

I have been so slack over the past week or so I am scared to get on the scales.

I have still been exercising, but the food thing.....Calorie King is being avoided at the moment.

I suppose all I can do is pledge to have a good day today and see where that takes me.