Saturday, 6 December 2008

Getting a bit Christmassy.......

Well, we bit the bullet and took the children to see Father Christmas today at our local shopping centre. They were as good as gold, and they all looked adorable, and I just feel so proud of my little family.......

My general sense of wellbeing and loved upness comes from, I think, being in a very good place weight loss wise (I have been an angel both food and exercise wise this week). And for the fact that Christmas is fast approaching.........

Last Christmas (hark of George Michael?! LOL) I was a blimp, and I was ashamed of myself when I saw this photo:

So it is very nice to be in a place this Christmas where I am feeling SO SO much happier in my health & fitness. I am not there yet, but I know I will get there..........

So yeah. Feeling a bit Christmassy..............


  1. Just found your blog and I love it! Congrats on the weight loss!! You look amazing!!

  2. You look amazing!

    And thankyou very much for your lovely Christmas card and letter. You are so much more organised than I am, I'll probably be sending a last minute Christmas email :)

  3. look fabulous!! I haven't checked your blog in ages (got the link from BB, I'm *becstar* ;)).

    Well done to you :) You should feel chrismassy ;)

  4. Oh my god Lucy, look at that transformation. You should be just so very proud of your journey of the last year. I remember starting out with you early in the year and quickly falling off the wagon (in my defense I was breastfeeding lol).

    But this year I have been telling everyone that 2009 is my year, I tell them all about your story, about how you have inspired me and just how far you have come.

    It may have been hard on individual days for you, but look now, time marched on, it kept on going day after day and now a year later you are amazingly healthy and happy and different.

    Keep it going Luce, get to where you want to be. You deserve the very best of everything EVER.


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