Thursday, 9 October 2008

Pedicures and other stuff

First of all, can I just ask, is it just me, or is a pedicure one of life's greatest pleasures? During and after?

I feel like I have truly relaxed.

I feel like I have nurtured myself.

I feel pampered and smooth and sparkly.

Body By Sharon in Paradise, you are truly a heaven sent haven for me.........

And what sexy goddess like toes I have now!

I am planning a manicure next.....and will possibly venture into the realm of own nails grow well, but the polish chips within 15 seconds, and I am reticent to grown them too long for fear of scratching the kids.........but I think that acrylics are somehow not as scratchy?

Superficial, I know, but after recent events and conversations, I realise more and more that this little family of mine are happy when I am happy. And cranky when I am cranky. I am like the glue that keeps all of the family facets together?

As selfish as it may initially feel and sound, I HAVE to take care of myself first, in order to be in the best possible shape physically and spiritually and emotionally, for this little family. If I break, so do they.

And I am happy with this current balance. There IS enough time in the day and the week to take care of them AND of me.

I am a lucky lucky girl.

Toes and fingers and all.

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  1. Go for the acrylics!! They are definitely less scratchy, I've had mine off for about 8 weeks & have scratched Juliette a few times, but never scratched her (or Alexzander) when I had my acrylics done. I just need to find time to get them fixed up again before her christening in 3 weeks!


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