Wednesday, 15 October 2008

My Statement of Intent.........

It was my first night back at personal training last night.

Again, we had to work out our goals (mathematically) and also write out a "Statement of Intent" for ourselves.

I did do this last time, but I honestly do not remember it.

Anyway, on a high after a starting fitness test (which I actually enjoyed, and I didn't want to vomit by the end of it, LOL!) I typed mine up, printed it out, and am going to stick it everywhere I am ever tempted! (The kitchen and the car.......)

Lucy’s Statement of Intent!

I am sticking diligently and exactly to my Calorie King allowances and exercising daily.

I will, by the end of the program reach my weight goal of 54kg and my body fat % of 23-33%. I will be a size 10!

I am doing all this because I want to be fit and healthy and energetic, and I will achieve it easily by 31st March 2009, because I am committed to being the best, and this project plan is destined for ultimate success!

I have approached this with total honesty to myself, and am amazed at the truths I have uncovered.

I can feel the huge sense of achievement and confidence and pride for all of the consistent weight losses and fitness gains I have made. I had a goal, I stuck to it, and I have loved achieving each week.

I will be the very best wife, mother and friend I can be, who is loving, confident, happy, energetic, fun, organised, and patient.

I am a high achiever and this will be one of my very best achievements yet.


  1. Oh my goodness, that is incredibly inspiring Luce.

  2. Fantastic Lucy, very impressive. You go girl you are an inspiration to all of us....size 10 here we come!


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