Thursday, 25 September 2008

Just 2kg.......

Bit of a mini goal. But we have broken up from BetterBods, so I wanted to try and keep really focused for the next fortnight before we return for the first week of the new term.

So I am on a mission to lose 2kg in a fortnight.

Just 2kg.

Not much. But I also want to kick start this whole weight loss bizzo, as it has really slowed and it is pissing me off, LOL!
And if I am honest, I want to really shine and be a star at next terms BetterBods with great losses every single week, so this 2kg mini goal is the significant start to the whole next 6 months or so...........
And Miss Marisa.........more hills for us I think! xx

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  1. WHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAA you look absolutely amazing and stunning. I am so proud of you, the journey has been an amazing ride and thank you for sharing your path with us. It's an inspiration to all of us. You can get rid of the 2kgs, I'll be thinking and sending you positive "I CAN" vibes to you daily. Whoa you look great, well done. Love you lots Ritz


I am a comment addict. Thank you so much for your words...xx