Tuesday, 22 July 2008

When Your Heart is Hungry.........

I have just finished reading "Confessions of a Reformed Dieter" again, by A. J. Rochester.
In one of the final chapters she talks about her sessions with Nutcase, and how she finally gets that instead of roaming the kitchen to eat something, that she needs to nurture herself in another way.
Anyway, the first time I read it, it evidently made no impression.
But the other night when I read it again, it really hit home.
I mean, I am a smart chick. Intellectually, of course I know that emotional eating is just mad, and serves negative purpose.

A bit like I intellectually KNEW that having children would change my life totally, but I never EMOTIONALLY understood that until I took Olivia home with me from hospital for the first time and nearly had a nervous breakdown over the realisation!
So in theory, each time I have the urge to just eat to fill a hunger in my heart, I could nurture myself with something else?

Would that work?
  • Light an oil burner with lovely essential oils
  • Make a glass of herbal tea
  • Have a cuddle with one of the kids
  • Have a cuddle with Andrew
  • Have a bath
  • Phone a lovely friend
  • Write in this blog
  • Listen to a hypnotherapy CD
  • Read a novel
  • Walk
  • Do some exercises
  • Do a facial
  • Listen to some funky music
Oh my, the list is endless..........

Worth experimenting with anyway........
What non - food nurturing activities do YOU do for yourself?


  1. lifeinapinkfibroOctober 30, 2010

    Given the intervention I needed with my salt and vinegar chips last night (an obvious reaction to a crapola day), this is a very timely post for me. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Love this post... I'm on this journey now, as you well know. Your blog (and older posts especially like this one) are a source of real inspiration, knowledge and focus for me. I appreciate your blog so very much. x

  3. Thank you. I am so glad.

    Maxabella, I am still so much in this journey. I write this over two years ago, and still struggle, badly, with the emotional eating bit.

    No matter how much I understand it, I still struggle to move away from those habits.


  4. Hope your crapola day (and crapola week?) are all on their way to getting better now Al?

  5. The problem is the food is so instant, instantly gives something, but then instantly gives you the calories.

  6. Hi Lucy I've just found your blog through Allison and signed up. Great sentiments here. I cannot believe you have lost so much weight. You are an inspiration! I'm on the weight loss path at the moment so hear where you're coming from. Keep it up! J x

  7. Hey Jane, welcome! I am not perfect, and my weight loss is SLOW. But, getting there....

  8. Instant "comfort" instant calalories and instant guilt......


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