Sunday, 27 July 2008

Birthing Goddess.....

I dreamt last night of one of my births. I didn't want to wake up, it was just wonderful to revisit.

I have had three beautiful children, and three beautiful blissful births.

My heart swells at the thought of just how lucky I have been with my births, and with my children.

On contemplation this morning, I realise that my body is SO BLOODY CLEVER!!

I have always felt some doubt in my body and its physical ability, but how can I doubt its talents when I recall my births and how bloody amazingly it delivered? Literally!

I have had a slack few weeks with a few too many little snacks.

Time to treat my birthing goddess body to a little more respect to reward it for what it has done for me........

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  1. Lucy just stumbled across this old post. I am with you - I have had three great births and have a clever body. Now if only I could treat it better LOL!!


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