Thursday, 12 June 2008

Achieve or Leave!

OK, time to get serious.
The in laws have visited and now are gone again, so I have had a week off.
But Tuesday nights training session bought it home to me when Linda reminded us of our ten week goals and told us in no uncertain terms that she no longer wanted to hear justifications or excuses, and that if we weren't committed, we would be invited to leave the program.
Oh my......I so do NOT want that that happen to me.
So time to really get serious again.
I have revisited a lot of my initial goals, and have set myself a mini goal that aligns with the one I set with Linda which is to lose another 6.8kg by June 30th. That gives me 3 weeks, so I am going to have to work bloody hard!! Approximately 2.5kg a week.
But I know that if I exercise hard and really monitor what I eat, I can come close to this.
I have been religiously entering everything into CK, and today I even did interval training by myself in the rain......1 minute run/1 minute walk for 40 minutes.
Wish me luck...........

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  1. Sounds like you ladies had a lot of fun! And you're right - meeting fellow bloggers isn't as scary as it sounds. It always ends up being a blast xxx


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