Saturday, 19 April 2008

Personal Training...........

I met with my new personal trainer, Lynda, this week. She is totally lovely and we really clicked.

We chatted a lot about my "ideal weight" which I have always set to around 55kg, based on my height.

But she suggested that due to my build and already high muscle mass, that this would make me look anorexic.

I am in two minds to be honest: I would rather get down to 50- 55kg and then make the decision to rest it at 60kg. But I don't want to just get to 60 and then give up, IYKWIM?

Anyway, no point in stressing about that too much I guess......still a fair way to go yet!

One of the other things Lynda and I discussed (and I have made a total commitment to!) is the daily recording of every single item of food that I eat on a daily basis. When she first said this was a requirement, I must admit, I shuddered cynically inwards, for a few reasons:

1. Do I have to give up Kate Morgan? It is working for me, and I love my shakes and my phylissium and I am not ready to give up on them yet!

2. If I have to write everything down will I get jacked off with it all? Isn't a bit old hat?

But I have been thinking long and hard about both issues. And Lynda also explained how I won't have to write it all down, more like enter it all in to a website! Ha! Now THAT is more my style.........ridiculous how the medium makes a difference to me, but it does.

So, welcome to Calorie King! It is SO funky. I have played around with it a lot and it makes me realise the balance of my diet, even on a good day, is a bit out of whack.........

As a result of all of the playing with Calorie King, I think I have decided to STAY with Kate Morgan for breakfasts and work lunches, because it is quick, easy and requires no decision making. Plus it means that my phylissium intake will remain consistently high, which I really want to maintain from a cholesterol reduction perspective. And not forgetting the delightful effect the phylissium has on my bowel!

So that means some "normal" lunches........obviously aiming at low fat/high fibre/low GI. I must investigate buying Burgen bread again........."Your body works better with Burgen" a la Biggest Loser works for me as a concept, plus it really is yummy bread.

And normal dinners, with carbs! YAY! But obviously low fat, high fibre and low GI too.

So it looks like this really is the next step.

I am excited.

The personal training in earnest starts on Tuesday 29th April, and I am REALLY looking forward to it, and REALLY dreading it all at the same time.......

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  1. Awesome that you have clicked with your trainer Luce. Dunno what to think about the weight goal shift. If she thinks you would look *too* skinny, maybe consider it. Maybe set it at 60kg then reassess. I would hate for you to be chasing an impossible task - or one which would see you not be healthy to chase it iykwim.

    I'm too scared of a food diary to start one ROFL.


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