Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Note to self........

Blimey, note to self.

I KNOW how obvious this is, but until I entered it all into Calorie King I never realised just what an impact full cream milk & normal butter made on a days fat intake.

We buy full cream milk, as Charlie and Lexie still drink a fair bit.

But I think I am going to switch us all to Lite White or similar.

And I buy butter rather than a low fat margarine, as I hate the idea of the chemicals in margarine. But I must find an alternative..........

I am only allowed 13.3g of fat a day.........and with a couple of coffees with full cream milk and a smear of butter in a sandwich I blew my fat intake to over 20g........and I hate that damn fat marker to show over my allocation in red, LOL!


  1. It's amazing how the little things add up so much isn't it? But it's great to have these realisations too because only by doing so are we improving ourselves for the future. Onward and upward hun.

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