Wednesday, 30 April 2008

First personal Training Session

I love it. I was terrified, but I got home at 11.15 last night pumped and exhilarated and ready for more.

I ache a little bit this morning, but not too much. Ache in a good positive way, rather than a "shit, I cannot move" type of way.

I cannot believe that I actually did push ups, pull ups, lunges and crunches. And I skipped with a rope FFS! ME?!

It was reassuring that I was not the biggest girl there..........some skinnier than me, but a few a lot bigger.

It felt fun, it felt supportive. It was hard, but I managed everything. I feel really really motivated.

I have to record every single item of food as from now. Scary. But I am loving Calorie King, so bring it on.

I also have an exercise date with my "buddy" to do a walk down on Linear Park in the city on Sunday. (We have to touch base daily for the week, and do a 45 minute exercise session together once a week.)

Heading into the 80's now.............


  1. Wow, Luce, I am pumped just reading it, it sounds fantastic. Wish I was there to join you! Well done....have fun at Linear park it is lovely! Life all good here, nice and sunny with a hint of chill. Talk again soon xoxo

  2. Oh it sounds wonderful Luce. Are you sorer now though? I know it took 24 hours for me to get really stiff LOL. You rock sweetie.


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